Thursday, November 27, 2008


I have had these done for a while. I just got around to taking a picture of them.... When I got my slipper swap package, I loved the slippers Miss Kitty had sent me. I found out that it was an online (free!) pattern, and I wanted to make some myself. I ended up making a bunch of different slippers to send to a family on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. This is the last pair. I just have to sew on the buttons. :P They are called Desert Boots. (They're the ones on the left.) I think if I make some more, I would make a second buttonhole on the ankle band. Or maybe make it more towards the middle of the band. Anyway. I love my pair.
:-D I am working on my scrap granny ghan. It's almost done. It is huge! If only I could work on the baby one with more interest. It's about halfway done but I seem to have lost all motivation. Maybe if I had more colors to put in it. I can only put so many colors in each row, to 'go' with the colors in the previous row, etc, etc.... The closest Michaels is an hour away, now. :( The WalMart here doesn't have any baby yarn at all. We are going that way today; maybe I can talk my husband into taking me to Michaels. :-D

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