Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Package from Australia!

We just got another package from a kind soul on a yahoo group I am in. I don't know if she wants me to say her name on here or not. But she knows who she is. :-D I want to thank her again, she has really brightened our days just by thinking of us when our son broke his arm. She sent us an Australia calendar for 2009. I already hung it up for next year. :P Maybe the rest of 2008 will go by slower, now; eh? lol, probably not...

It has some touristy sites (I guess) on there. I feel like I almost got to visit Australia through the pictures. :)

She also sent four baseball caps for the boys (and my husband). This is only two of them (two were already taken :P). But the other two are a kangaroo and palm trees, too. Just different colors:

My husband said the hat on the left looks like it could be from a Las Vegas casino, there is a casino named Gold Coast (and there are palm trees all over Las Vegas, too). Funny though this is the original Gold Coast.... :-D
She also sent a gift for ME!! A beautiful opal and gold necklace. I just love it~ Thank you so much. I put it on right away. It looked much better next to my pink shirt I had on that day but here it is on a clean towel (I went outside to try and get better lighting.... not so great but...) I got an opal necklace from one of my Uncles one time, when he went to Australia years ago. It's on the right, minus the chain which I don't know what happened to. :( Now I have two genuine opal necklaces from Australia!! Thanks again, I just love it.

Here is our littlest munchkin (I don't think I can call him that anymore, he's so tall and skinny, now...) wearing one of the hats she sent. He didn't want me to take his picture so I had to try and sneak one in. I think he knew I was trying to take one, though. He wouldn't look up....

Then the very next day I got a box of goodies from my Mom. The kids (my husband and I, too) LOVE it when she sends us a box, because 99.9% of the time, it means CANDY!!! We buy candy, too. (But it doesn't last long....) But when Grandma sends candy, she sends CANDY! Lots of it... Well she also sent the boys a shirt each. Two big gummy snakes (yikes!), a Transformer toy, a Hot Wheels watch, stickers.... And she sent me a skirt I paid her for, and this beautiful necklace! I wasn't expecting this. When she came to visit us this past summer, she must have been trying to get ideas of things to buy; or else she just loves jewelry (she does), and wanted to buy a necklace for me? :P I had mentioned to my husband when one of the (one gajillion) jewelry commercials came on, 'If you ever want to buy me a necklace, I like THAT one....' Well my Mom bought me THAT one. It took me a second to put two and two together, but... :P I had called her on the phone and was thanking her and I said, 'I told Steve when one of the jewelry commercials came on, that if he ever wanted to buy me a necklace, I wanted one like this....' (Oooooh..... light went on...) 'Is that why you bought this for me?' She said she heard me say it when she was out visiting us (man I must say it a lot... :P) and that's why she bought it for me.

Here is another blurry, bad picture, but.... You get the idea. It isn't diamonds, of course. But I still love it.

I can't believe I got two necklaces in one week! I hardly ever buy jewelry for myself. I used to never wear it, I don't know why; but I didn't care to. But just the past couple years I have been wanting to be more 'girly' (ha ha), and looking and buying little things here and there; hoop earrings, necklaces, bracelets... A girl can never have enough jewelry, right? I love both of them, and thank you a million thanks.


Mimi said...

How cool is that, lots of gifts and two pretty necklaces in a row :)

Btw, my parents and brothers just got back from a 3-week vacation in Australia! I might be posting about it next week.

Tina said...

That is awesome. I hope to go to Australia someday. If I could get over my fear of flying.... (sigh) :)