Friday, June 13, 2008

"Spots"~ The Spotted Puppy :P

Well I was doing okay, trying to get caught up on all my WIPs (they are getting out of control, even for me...) Then I saw Alisha's Fen the Spotted Puppy. Our youngest son has been wanting me to make him a dog ( 'A pink Schnauzer' even though when he says it, it sounds more like 'A pink Shawzer'...) :P Well I saw Alisha's puppy (even I thought it was cute!), and showed it to him. He said (and I knew he would) 'Can you make me one of those!?' ('Just like that one?') So I asked to be a tester and Alisha said yes.... Well. You can see the rest. ;) I think I am done making him toys. (THAT is getting out of hand, too... I should line up all the toys I have crocheted just for him, and take a picture....)

Anyway. I wanted to list my WIP "pile" (even though they are not all laying in a pile... :P) So I can try to work on it.... (sigh....) Not in any particular order:

~Central Park Hoodie
~Chevron Granny Sweater
~Navajo Afghan
~Granny scrapghan
~ Bunny scarf, hat, mitten set
~booties for Hexagon Granny Sweater (yellow one)
~hat and booties for Hexagon Granny Sweater (white and blue one, which I haven't posted about yet...)
~ Kewpie doll dress Tampa Doll sent me pattern for
~Diego Bag
~knitted hat and I-cord for booties for knitted sweater set
~Bear ghan cuddle thingy (from Crochet World)

Well that is all I have written down. I'm sure there are probably more I have forgotten about or that are never going to be finished (like my BMC doily....) And things I should make but haven't even started (because I know they will be WIPs forever and don't even want to start them!) Sigh (again)..... Well at least I have them all written down and that's a 'start', eh? :P Have a Great Day everyone and thanks for stopping by. :)


Mimi said...

The spotted puppy is too cute! I see now you've got animal eyes and nose, you are already a pro in making crocheted toys ;)

Tina said...

I like to make them, but the crocheted toy 'pile' is getting way out of hand. ;p

Thanks for your comments and encouragement, Mimi. :)

Crochetheaven said...

OMG! That spotted puppy is so adorable. I bet he sleeps with it every night. I know I would. lol
How is the WIP list going? Have you been able to cross any of them off?