Wednesday, June 04, 2008

If Four Wasn't Bad Enough, Now There Are Three More!!

Waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Can I complain some more? I am so utterly, completely, totally disgusted!! I'm so mad. I don't know at WHO. I certainly have taken care of my teeth. It's not as if I never even brush. Or brush for two seconds. I don't know why my teeth are so bad. I just want to cry. I went in today to have four cavities taken care of. Two of which are still not completely done. And it was NOT fun!!! It was, in fact, painful. I want to go to my old dentist in Michigan. Pain free. And it wasn't as expensive as this dentist!! So much for having insurance, our insurance isn't even covering anything. I am just disgusted with the whole thing. How expensive can teeth be? Well my bill is over $3,000. It's a bleeping crime. Well after my four cavities were done, she took some more x-rays and pictures and~~~ YAY!!!~~ found THREE MORE cavities!!! If you hear someone screaming, it might be me..... :(


Mimi said...

I wish I could say something to make you feel better, Tina (go ahead and scream) does get frustrating.
I also went broke from my dental expenses (including gasoline for several visits), and that is just me and my younger son's dental fees - and we're not done yet :p

Tina said...

It makes me sick. You would think little pieces of bone would be so expensive. Must be really expensive 'rocks', eh? Oi. I guess I must just have soft teeth or something. My Dad's teeth are really bad, my brother's teeth are not good, either.... :(

Mimi said...

I guess you inherited your teeth from your father's side - me, from my mother's side :p
Its much more expensive in the U.S. and I guess in any developed country. Here, dental fees are considered expensive, but compared to there its probably 3 times less.
I recently had one root canal, its P4,200.(which includes x-ray before, and after) - that's only about $95.! And I had porcelain crowns for which he charges only P3,500. per tooth. Considering he's doing such a good job, he could have charged more.
I think that its very good that you are having it all fixed now, Tina - I waited too long, and had a lot more problems in my teeth.