Friday, June 13, 2008

Another Hexagon Baby Sweater

And another WIP to cross off my list. (I decided to not do the booties for either set...) It will make my stress load a lot lighter as far as that goes.... This one, I *think* I did in an F hook and fingering weight yarn. I wrote it down somewhere (sigh)... Anyway it is a true newborn size. I don't think it would have fit any of *my* newborns, as big as they were... But. The hat is the trusty old FCEC magazine (Fall 2006) hat I have done with a lot of sweaters. I am going to save this set for my sister and her husband since they're having a boy. Hopefully it isn't as big as mine were! (I got my big baby gene from my paternal grandmother..... and, we have different dads...)


Mimi said...

That is such a sweet sweater and hat set! It looks warm too.

Tina said...

I think the hat will be warmer than the sweater. I was thinking about that. I couldn't make the same hat as I did for the six month size, though. That was about as small as I could get it. :) Oh well hopefully they will still like it. And when they put it over what the baby is already wearing.... it will be enough. :)