Monday, June 02, 2008

Growing Your Own Tea Leaves

This is one of those things I wonder about. I don't have much space here to grow anything. But I am still interested in it. I googled (don't you love the internet?) and found a few pages that are interesting. This site has all different kinds of tea plant/leaves. This one is for 'regular' tea. Did you knowyou can make oolong, green or black tea all from the same leaf? This page tells how. (I believe you can get to that page from the first page, but.... I am still not fully awake, so...)

I took all the kids to the dentist (and the 'big kid' went, too.) ;) I was so happy (and amazed) that NO ONE had any cavities!! Well, then I went.... (Insert fuming mad, growling, barking smiley here).... :( I can't believe it. I had FOUR cavities!! ?????????? Why? I am the one who flosses all the time, brushes my teeth three or four times a day. Takes vitamins, tries to eat fruits and vegetables and drink herbal or green tea. Why me? :((( It makes me so mad. Now I have to get them taken care of. I hope it isn't medieval dentistry like one dentist office I went to. Ugh. or.... should I say..... aaargh....

I'm still crocheting. I had been knitting some dishcloths. Mostly the 'idiot's dishcloth'. One four corners, too. I got super bored with everything and started something new. I'm bad. I haven't made a bed doll dress in years!! I was RAOK'd some really cute 'air freshener doll' bed doll dress patterns by a wonderful Crochetviller. I finally am getting around to making one. I had bought a Kewpie doll at Hobby Lobby and wondered if there were any dress/clothing patterns for them. I posted about it at Crochetville. And this doll herself sent me some!! I wasn't sure where my Kewpie doll was. I only had to look in one place, where I thought it might be. And it was. :P (Thank goodness.) I also found two little $1 dolls for cradle purses. Last night I spent way too much time online looking for cradle purse patterns. I had one that another C'viller had made up, but it is on my other computer which is fried. :( Anyway, I do have a couple patterns for that. (I haven't started any, I want to finish this dress first.) Back to the bed dolls, someone at Crochetville had made a 'cool whip' bed doll. Kinda neat. I had never heard of anything like that. I guess her Grandma used to make them for her. She could put her pajamas in the container. With everyone so into recycling now and being green, that is a pretty good idea. :P

Anyway that is what I have been up to. The kids have a well-child visit today at their new pediatrician. They haven't been since we lived in Michigan. :( I am not happy about that, but.... what can you do? No money and no insurance makes for no doctor visits unless there is an emergency. So now they have been to the dentist and after today, the doctor. I will feel relieved as far as that goes. Now it will be my turn. Hopefully no more bad news!! :(

Well I wanted to go to the post office (not really) today so I better get a move on here. I hope everyone is having a good week. :)


Mimi said...

I don't know anything about plants, but it would be wonderful to grow your own tea plant...
Good for you, Tina, your kids have healthy teeth! I wish I could say the same with my sons :p
And in your case, 4 cavities is not too bad...I think that its common for us moms to have tooth problems because every pregnancy draws a lot of minerals from our bodies, even if we take supplements. I have worse dental problems...and what a coincidence you mentioned going to the dentist. I have not gone to the dentist for years, mainly because every one I went to I didn't like. They don't seem to have genuine concern...and the treatments then were quite barbaric. I still have some metal fillings, which I plan to have replaced with the latest kind. Luckily, I now found a good dentist - and for the past few weeks I've been going for "extensive" treatment. So don't feel too bad with your teeth, just have them treated soon.

Tina said...

Thanks Mimi. I went to one that was very barbaric (the 'medieval dentistry' one I mentioned...), when I was having my root canal done. I stopped before it was even done and found a different dentist. It was painless, but he creeped me out. (He was a big pervert and I couldn't stand him.) Now this dentist seems friendly and normal but I have yet to find out how the treatments are. :( (I'll know tomorrow... sigh...)