Thursday, February 21, 2008

Scarves... and one hat

Well here is my Rat Race scarf, finished. I didn't put the bead/eyes on, as it is for a 2 or 3 year old. (They might take them off and put them in their mouth? Or have little brothers or sisters who would... ?) I made a Garter Stitch Cloche (from 'Knitting for Babies') to go with it. I even got another skein of yarn at WalMart. Knitted a whole mitten. Then tore it all apart. :( I did something terribly wrong. Or else I am having another stupid knitting moment... I don't know. I was so disgusted I ripped it all out. I will just have to send this like it is. Maybe if I start ahead of time I won't be so rushed for the next scarf challenge. I also started a baby bunnies hat, scarf, mittens set from another book I just got. That one will have to go into the next challenge, as well...
Here are four scarves I did manage to get done for the challenge. These are all online patterns, free. The two on the left are the Shelly Scarf. The off-white/grey stripe: Cluster Scarf, and the one on the right: Mosaic Scarf

I think it looks like a rose, all rolled up. :P


Mimi said...

That last scarf is wonderful, Tina. Rolled up it is a rose, how clever!
All your scarves are pretty. The rat scarf is cute, kids would love it ;)

Tina said...

Thank you Mimi. I hope to make some more 'animal' scarf sets in the future. I think they are so cute. I have a teddy bear pattern set, and a bunny (so far)... :P