Sunday, September 25, 2005

Some FO's

Well I finished some projects this weekend. A pair of Crocheted Socks: I have two people in mind to give these to. They look better in the picture than in real life, I think. I also started another pair, too, the South Bay toe-up socks. I am waiting to see who my swap partner is for Sock and Slipper swap, so I know what size to make them and all... I am making them with 'Wildfoote' in the 'Master Grey' colorway. I got his yarn at the Lost Art yarn store in Traverse City last time we went up. I would post a link for the Sock and Slipper swap, but it is closed. :( And, the Picasso is finishimo!! YAY!! I crocheted a backing, too, and sewed it on, too. I really like this potholder. I'll have to think of some colors to make one for my own kitchen. :)

Going Back To Work....

I may be going back to work... Even with the 'free craft booth' thing. (I haven't even made anything for it yet, BTW). We need real money, right now... I haven't worked in three and a half years. Yesterday morning I worked on my resume. What a joke. I don't even know what I'm doing. I feel a little better about it today. I filled out an online application for a local hospital. I just have to take it in. I'm thinking my only option right now is going to be waitressing again, though. As much as I hate it, it's good money, fast. And it will only be temporary. Until we move. Then we are thinking of opening our own business, which I will help with, too. I was kind of scared yesterday about the whole going back to work thing. But now I'm actually kind of excited. And it will be a break from the kids. And, if I'm just going to a restaurant, my resume will look good....

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I May Have a Free Craft Booth Forever!!!

My MIL is opening a consignment store where she lives. She wants me to sell some of my crocheted items in her store!!! I am so excited! I will be very busy for a while, but in a good way!!

YAY!!!! A short post, but I had to share!!

Here It Is: The Picasso Potholder!!

Yay! I took it all apart last night and resewed it (in between coughing my lungs out.) I think I did it right this time. I wasn't going to sleep well last night if I didn't finish it. Hee hee. Now I have to finish off the ends (I have three needles w/ thread sticking out so I knew where the ends were, in case I had to redo it again.) Then, crochet a backing for it, and sew that on. Then it will be finished. I already have some colors in mind for my next one. This morning I found this dangerously close to the butter. GRRR! The only one who was up before me this morning was my husband.... Who has no appreciation for art. (Obviously!) Just joking around...
Well I better sign off to take the younguns to school. Hee hee (I think this cold has gone to my brain....)
Oops, sorry folks. I forgot to give you a link to this most awesome potholder:
I don't know who invented this pattern, but it really is a work of art. And thank you 'Splynda', :) once again, for sharing this wonderful pattern.

Here it is the First Time Sewing It

What did I do wrong??? Ugh.....
See the cough drops? Hee hee... I've been eating these like candy lately...

Or Is It a Hat?

Here it is on our sons' ducky. It really looks like a hat, doesn't it?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A Ruffled Potholder- A WIP

Some pictures finally! YAY!! The top picture is two 'recycled envelopes' I made out of magazine pages. I remember doing this when I was younger. I LOVE this idea! I can see me doing this for a long time.. Well here is one thing I wrote about yesterday, the 'ruffled potholder' I was talking about. This is how it's done, on a 'grid'. You start in the center, and crochet in 'rounds' kind of, wiggling all around until you are back at the beginning. Join, then fasten off. Then start another one. You can use up all your scrap threads (this is why I love this!!) or do a color scheme. I am making this one in sage green and soft yellow to go in my Grandma's kitchen. Last night I started sewing a potholder together to be gifted. That's all I'm saying at this point... So, no pictures until after the person receives it. Which might be a while. I don't even know if she reads my blog at all, but I don't want to take any chances.
Have a Nice Day!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What Is Wrong With Me???

I think something must be terribly wrong with me. I've been cleaning for the past two days-- and LIKING it!!!! That's the weird part. I actually am enjoying it. And, I am sick!! Just a cold, but... Maybe it's gone to my brain, that's what's wrong.... I don't know what's going on, but it's freaking me out. ;)

I wish I could post some pictures. I do have a potholder almost done, I just have to sew it up. It's a surprise for someone though, and they might read this and see it. Also, I still have not taken my camera in to have the pictures printed, so I'm afraid to take any more pictures and try to upload them. I don't trust my computer. The last two times it ate my pictures. I'm also working on a potholder I saw at Crochetville. I don't know what it's called, but I do have a book that it is in. 'Old Time Crochet Made Easy'. It's called 'Ruffled Pot Holder or Hot Mat' in the book. You can read about it in this post at C'ville. It's kind of cool. I've been expanding my crochet horizons, trying 'different' stitches and ways of doing things. I made a 6" square to donate to 'Squares for Survivors', using a 'bullion stitch'. I've never even heard of it before; and I don't know if I could do a whole afghan with these squares, but I do like the finished look. See... right now would be a good time for a picture. It is already ready to ship out, though.
We still haven't sold this last male puppy. He's starting to grow on me, though. He is a stinker at times, like most dogs. But then he will come lay by my feet when I'm washing the dishes or working in the kitchen, he's so sweet.... It just melts my heart. We re-named him (again), Koda McKinley. Our oldest son read a book about dogs, "The Good Dog": one of the dogs was named McKinley, and he liked that name. I didn't think it 'fit' our puppy. I liked Koda, so I said, "How about we name him Koda for his 'first' name, and McKinley can be his 'last' name?" If we end up keeping him, I'll have to send in the papers. I will also definitely have to get one of them fixed!! I won't go into details.... But.... ugh.....
Have a Nice Day Everyone!!!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Well I haven't blogged in a while. I've been kinda 'down' lately, I don't know why. Maybe with everything that's going on with the hurricane. It makes me sick the way people act. Shooting at rescue helicopters, then complaining because no one is coming to get them. ??? Stealing tvs when they don't have anywhere to watch them?? I don't get it. I could see stealing food, especially if you haven't had any for six days, but a tv? When you don't even have any electricity, let alone a house to watch it in? It just makes me sick the way they are acting, instead of helping one another and 'loving your neighbor'. I guess it's too much to expect. Look at the way people drive, or try to run you over with their grocery cart in the store.

I've been crocheting a little. And knitting a little. I finished my dishcloths for the dishcloth swap (a while ago), those are sent in. Now I am working on something else... that I can't talk about, because it is a 'surprise'. It's not the secret pals, although I am working on something for that, too. I have so many new patterns to try, I can't wait. I want to finish everything I am working on, so I can start something new that my secret pal sent me. At the rate I'm going it will be never, though. I have a sweater for my (almost) three year old, an afghan for my FIL, a shawl that I don't even want anymore, still not finished.... (Gift for someone???) An Inspired Lace Scarf, squares to be sewn together... I need to start the Wednesday WIP again, so I can stay on top of things like I used to be. I also have some gorgeous new Lionbrand Microspun yarn my secret pal sent me I want to try.

Well have a Nice Weekend everyone!