Monday, October 06, 2014

More Baby F.O's

I finished this set last month. But I wanted to make a fleece blanket to go with it. (I don't think I have posted my fleece blanket yet?) But...  I couldn't find any yellow and grey fleece anywhere.  

So...  I started a Corner to Corner blanket. I am not very happy with it.  It looks too narrow/triangular to me.  And, it is holier than others I have made.  :/  So now I will have to sew some kind of backing onto it, anyway.  (Can't send holey blankets to the OB Ward.)  Maybe I will just put it away, and start a different one.

This is the pattern I should have started.  :/   I had originally intended to make this one yellow and grey. But then I decided to make it all different colors.

It is very warm.    

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paula said...

LOVE . . . . LOVE . . . . LOVE your ripple!