Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Another Baby Set

I finished another baby set. This is the last of this yarn. I went back to Big Lots (I'm not a yarn snob..) to get some more of the green yarn.  And they didn't have any. I went back again, and finally asked someone. She said whatever they had was it. They don't get new orders in, they just get whatever the company decides to send them.  :(    I really liked this shade of green, and it is so soft...   Sigh. Oh well.   I was able to finish this set.  I only had three rows on a sleeve left, and I had to rip a row out of a scrap afghan to finish the sleeve. But, it's done.  :P

I took this picture yesterday. Eon left his bedroom door open when we went to the bus stop.  And Duke took over. Lol.  He was keeping guard of Eons' bed... 

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