Sunday, September 07, 2014

Duke's First Trip To The Vet...

...was not a fun one! :/  This picture was taken after we got home. I think he was all wore out-- from being so bad! When we first got there, he was running all over outside, peeing everywhere. :/   Eon wanted to hold the leash. (He was home sick that day.)  I let him (but finally took it from him- I can barely handle Duke, I know Eon can't..)  We finally get into the vets' office. Duke is freaking out.  I tell the receptionist I have an appointment. Some woman in there says "Oh what a cute puppy!"  I laughed (because he isn't a puppy), and said "He's actually a year old."  Eon took the leash again; and it was just chaos...   We got Duke weighed (which we had to do ourselves).  Then, Duke poops in the middle of the waiting room floor. :0   Oh my goodness...    Well if that wasn't bad enough, he immediately goes over to the bookshelf and PEES on it!!???  He is so bad!!! I said "NOO!!"  I was so embarrassed. The receptionist said "What did he do?" I said "He just peed on your book shelf. I am so sorry. (You are a bad dog!)" And I take him outside to pee. I'm walking around, and walk right into this huge spiderweb! O.M.G!!   We finally get into the room.  Duke's hair is flying everywhere, it's humid and hot as hell in this vet's office (do they not have air conditioning?)...   Duke growls at the vet. We have to pin him down to get all the tests done...   UGH...    What a nightmare.     All his tests came back normal, and we got his first rabies shot. But I don't know if I am going to go back to this vet. I went there; because of all the vets I called in town, this one was the cheapest.  But not knowing the area still, or where it was (I drive past it all the time, just didn't put the two things together)..  The building is old and run down.   Not very professional staff, NO air conditioning? In the south?  And in a stinky vets office? Come on..  I felt so gross after I left that place.  (Then there was all the dog hair all over the car... Which I went up and vacuumed out.)  Sheesh.  This vet is not that much cheaper than the other ones I called in town..    
I think we need to get him fixed... Maybe that will setlle him down some. What a monster.    

I finished a Santa Treat Jar.   I had started this in May of this year, I think. It's from the Crochet World "Christmas in Crochet" magazine from last year or the year before.   I thought it would be cute for my Dad & step-Mom for Christmas this year.  They love candy.  I got a bag of my Dad's (and mine) favorite candy but I can see I am going to have to get a few bags to fill up the jar. :)  We will probably eat all that is in there.  So, I have my first/only (?) crochet project finished for Christmas.  Actually, my only gift so far, too.   


paula said...

Oh yes, get him neutered . . . I have seen a BIG difference in all my dogs after this, but they are female, I hear maes are more noticable.

Peeing and pooping . . yes. Quite normal. They have to mark their territory in a new place, and, again, males are worse than females.

When mine have peed in the waiting room, I'm still embarrassed, but all 3 of the vets I have had in 39 years have all been great with it and made the comment about it being a normal occurance.

Hang in there with him . . and start saving for the neutering. Oh, and in females, they have a greater occurance of reproductive cancer is not spayed . . . may be the same with males.

Tina said...

Thanks, Paula. Jetta was fixed. (Or we would have litters of Duke and Jetta puppies running around, lol.) We just need to get Duke fixed. I will have to start calling around.

Mimi said...

That's a cute Christmas jar, Tina!
As for Duke, though it was so much trouble I'm sure you handled it well...I won't have that kind of patience, not having a pet when I was young and only tried once when I was married. I'm afraid of the responsibility of owning one again. So I admire you also for teaching your son how to take care of your pets ;)