Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My "New" Kitchen

When we first moved here, our house was not finished. (It's a rental.) They were putting in all new skylights (the old ones were leaking-- some spots on the ceiling are stained still.)  Part of our rental agreement was "No down payment/do some work on the house"..   (Why do we always get into these situations?)  So my husband has to finish the sklights.  Which also means re-doing the whole ceiling.  and paint the whole room.. (Sooooo not worth it, IMO.)  But, it is what it is..    This weekend, he worked on the kitchen.  One skylight is done.   (This one was the biggest one/biggest job.)

Ceiling.  Just has to paint it.

The new paint- "Vanilla".  

Goodbye, "E"..

Goodybe, "F"..   (This one is technically in the kids bathroom... Which is next..)  BTW, whoever did this, had to climb on top of the bathroom counter, and stand up on it; to write an F on the wall ABOVE the mirror. You can see it is almost to the top of the door jam. Monkey. There is also pink paint (or marker?) on the cupboards, and door in the bathroom. :/

The finished kitchen.  Not bad for a tiny rental...   Amazing what a new coat of paint does! The whole kitchen (and laundry room) look so much cleaner now!  And, I have more counter space. :D   Makes it a little nicer.

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paula said...

LOVE a white kitchen . . the accents you can add always look good AND it always looks so clean.