Friday, October 10, 2014

I Have Counter Space!! :D

I know.... Who cares?  (I do!) One of the things I do not like about this house (I am trying not to complain too much, but..) ` The kitchen.  Besides the ugly (disgusting) counter tops, there is no counter space.  So...   My husband made me a new shelf to put things on, so I can use one of the counters at least.   The coffee pot, microwave, and knife block all took up space on two counters.  

Now I have a whole counter space, free.  :D  Before, I had to use the top of the stove, or else clean the whole counter where the coffee pot and dish drainer is, off. Just so I could bake.   Now I don't have to do all that.  :)

My yellow and grey baby blankie I have been working on. Same pattern as the last blanket I finished.

Duke, about ten minutes ago. :P   It has been raining all week here. This morning it was lightning-ing, and then a big BOOOOM (long thunder, really loud). Duke jumped. Then he looked at me, like "Mama? I'm scared.." And he started whining.   Awww.... Dudie Doo is afraid of storms..  He isn't afraid to go out in the rain, and get soaking wet, though. :/  Lol

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paula said...

LOVE your counter tops . . . :)