Saturday, October 25, 2014


One of the things we used to love doing was going to the apple orchard; when we lived in Michigan.  Nowhere else that we have lived in any state has good apple orchards. (I haven't technically checked here, but..)  Well when my Mom recently went to Michigan, she brought us back some Michigan Apples!  :D   It might sound like a strange thing to be happy about..  But, after living in Nevada for six years, and eating fruits and vegetables with no taste at all, you might understand.  These are mostly Cortland.  They even smelled good. I put them in the pantry. And every time I opened the door, they smelled so good.. 

I wanted to make something more special than just Apple Rumble, or Apple Pie or Apple Bread...  So after looking through my cookbooks, I decided to make Bavarian Apple Torte, first.  It was sooo yummy.   It is really fattening, though.     Next, I made Apple Pie Breakfast Bars.  I thought they were okay (I didn't take a picture.)  If you think, oatmeal squares.  I'm not sure if I would make them again.  

Then yesterday, I made Apple Spice Cake.  This used up almost all the apples (there are two left, which we will just eat).  It's pretty good.  I have baked almost every day this week. I am glad all the apples are gone. Lol. I am tired of baking for a while.  But I'm also glad we have/had the apples.  

Some of my favorite memories are going to the apple orchard, riding the tractor and going to pick apples. They also had a play area/barn for kids to play in.  Then there were the cinnamon sugar apples, and apple cider.   This was the only picture I could find of "us" (minus me, since I was taking the picture) drinking cider.

One of Eon sitting on the pumpkins.  :)  He was so little then..   :)
Maybe we will be able to find a new apple orchard or pumpkin patch, here.


paula said...

There are a couple of free Frozen hats out there. Basically, I just made a plain sc beanie for ELsa and a hdc beanie for Olaf and then added the attachments.

I have seen elsa as just a plain white beanie with a crown sewn on after. I just played with doing the crown as a part of the hat.

Mimi said...

I can just imagine the apple orchard in Michigan like paradise :) the apples we have here (mostly from china, some from U.S. and Japan) are not delicious, except for some varieties from Japan.
Your baked apple desserts look so special, Tina! I'm sure they taste wonderful and your family would look forward to the next time :)