Sunday, September 18, 2011

Time to Make Some More Cards.. :)

So far, all I have done is this one. But I have thought a lot about making cards, and looked at a lot of ideas. Does that count? I kind of like this one. I saw someone else's card (similar to this layout, but a birthday card). I thought "That would work for a lot of sentiments.." And made this one. I am going to join the card swap for October in the Just Because Greeting Card Group. So, I thought I would get a head start on making cards for it. Plus I just need cards to send people, anyway. I might make a bunch of these. I need to get some more of the little leaves. The original card, which I saw at Card Making World; looks like she just used a leaf punch out (which- I have the exact same punch out, but no leaf stamp just like it...) I guess it wouldn't matter. But I like to have my leaves all the same. ??  I used a butterfly stencil to make the "swirling wind" (at least that's what I thought it would look like) effects with embossing. I think it turned out pretty cute. I need to find some envelopes the right size for this card. Or make some...  Hmm..

I saw an adorable new Bear with Balloons this morning on Suzielah's blog! I love it.  (I will never finish any Christmas Stockings, I keep getting sidetracked by all this cuteness...  :P )  It made me think of my Bear with Balloons Cards I make. That would be cute to give together with Sue's bear, as a present. :) 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

UFO, FO, Puppies, and Pancakes

Since I took a picture of this, I might as well blog about it.. :P  This is my oldest sons' afghan I am making him. Whether he wants it or not.. lol.  (I hope he will want it.)  I started this as part of his graduation present. Yeah. See how long it's taking me?...   I jokingly said, "I will probably finish this by the time he moves out and it will be a graduation/Housewarming present." Well, I'm even late to the game for that one, too.  Sigh. It will just have to be a present. :P

And, here is an FO. My third "Simple Shrug" I have finished. A friend of ours saw the one(s) I did, on FB. She asked if I could make one for her daughter. I said I could! :)  I used Simply Soft for this one, and an H hook. It came out just on the small size of gauge. But, she wanted a size small. So I think it worked out well..

Here it is on me. I shouldn't have tried it on. Now I have to wash it.  lol.

And look what I got in the mail the other day!!! An RAOK. <3  Someone sent Hobby Lobby to me. :D  I have never tried "I Love This Yarn".  I can see why it is named that. It's sooo soft! And all different colors; to make friendship squares, and who knows what else? :D  I am thinking maybe a scarf for Pine Ridge, with the burgundy. And maybe another shrug with the plum color? I used just over 6 ounces for this last shrug I did, and the skein is 7 oz, plus two little balls extra. So I should definitely have enough.  Thank you, Madison! <3  <3 <3

And, it's been a while since I posted any Puppy Pictures...  :D   This is Max, again. (My brothers' puppy.) He's SO CUTE!!! I just want to hug him, and squeeze him, and kiss him, and love him! And call him George. :P  Maybe someday I will get to go visit my brother (and his puppy) again.  He only lives four hours away. 

And here's one of the latest pictures of Jetta... It's a Rough Life, being a Dog...  :P

And here are the pancakes I was talking about...  I saw someones' post on FB about making "Smores Pancakes".  I googled it, since it sounds yummy.  I saw a bunch of different recipes. Some with crushed graham crackers in the batter...  I finally just made regular pancakes, and put all the toppings on: Crushed graham crackers, mini-marshmallows, and chocolate chips. And since we had some, chocolate syrup. (Plus regular syrup.)  And, I have to say, they are yummy. So yummy, in fact, I couldn't finish them. (Too sweet/much, for me..)  :P  But our 8 year old sure did finish his. :D    

"Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall" ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Well this is a pretty boring video probably to most people. But... I love the rain. (I know, I'm weird..)  It rained here Saturday night. There was an awesome thunderstorm. Me and the kids were watching the lightning in the 14 year olds' bedroom. :P  Then, Sunday it rained, too. There was some thunder, but nothing like Saturday night. Then, it started to hail! I heard it first. At first I thought "Man, it must be pouring!" And I got up to look and saw that it was hail. ("Oh"...)   Maybe that isn't so big of a deal. But in Southern Nevada, it's kind of weird... Right after it started hailing, my husband turned on the Weather Channel and found out there was a Severe Thunderstorm and Flash Flood Warning for the whole county.  Hmm.  I guess that was the worst of it, here. We didn't get any flooding here. But I noticed in spots along our road the next day, there were huge puddles. Remember this post? I didn't mention it in that post, but last year when it rained, our road gave out. It is STILL not finished, and blocked off.  Fortunately, I don't have to drive down there anymore. (Our sons' middle school is (was-since he is in high school now) down there... And, a new elementary school. You'd think they would finish a road that leads to two schools? There are other ways to get to them, but both schools are on or just off this road..)   Anyway~~~

Sunday was a somewhat stressful day. Besides the weather (which wasn't stressful, actually); that morning, Jetta got out the laundry room door (which goes into the garage). The garage door was open, and she BOLTED. I RAN out there, as fast as I could. (No shoes, running on an all rock yard~ Not fun~ I can't even walk on the rocks, let alone run?...)  I yelled, "Jetta!!! SIT!!!!" THANK GOD she listened to me, and I was able to get her.  She was about five feet from the road. That is exactly how Portia got hit by a car.  :(   My feet hurt for a couple hours, afterwards. And I think I tore part of one toenail away from the toe. Today is the first day it doesn't hurt. But, I got her.  We really need to get a fence...  (Sigh.)  Maybe someday when my husband starts working again.        Then,late Sunday evening, our 8 year old threw up. I saw him go in the bathroom and I heard him coughing strangely. I said to my husband, "Is he okay?" (Sounded like a throwing up gag/cough to me..)  Sure enough, it was...  :(   And guess who was unofficially "elected" to clean it up?  Yup, me....   :/  It was all over the bathroom~ Floor, toilet, garbage can, wall, tub....  UGH!!!  But it could have been worse...  If my husband had cleaned it up, it would have doubled or tripled in size, lol.  ;P   Well the next morning~ early in the morning~  I woke up (at 2:30) to check on him, and the couch was gone (the couch he was laying on). And he was asleep in the chair.  Well you know how it is when you're half asleep. I just went back to bed, since he was sleeping and I didn't see anything anywhere.  I learned later on that morning that he had thrown up on the couch (it was in the garage). So, he missed school Monday. And Tuesday I picked him up early since he still wasn't feeling well.  (I won't get into how much homework he had-- UGH!!-- for third grade???)      Well I guess when it rains, it pours.   (Bad joke, I know... :P)

Friday, September 09, 2011

Darth Vader

After making Perry the Platypus, I had to make something for our 14 year old. (I don't know if I mentioned, but he was also having a hard time adjusting to high school.)  I asked him if he liked Perry (that was when he rolled his eyes :P )  He said "No". I said "What would you like? Darth Maul?"  "Yeah". (I knew it..)  "Or Darth Vader?"  (I was pretty sure there wasn't any Darth Maul patterns out there. But I did remember seeing a Darth Vader Hot Sauce Bottle Cover pattern and had been thinking about making one, forever..)   Well, today was the day I finally did it. And I still have enough time to blog about it, before I have to leave to go get the kids. ;P  I just added a bottom, and stuffed it. And sewed on some eyes.  I still need to make the light saber.  I can't find my needle nose pliers, though. And I need to get some pipe cleaners.  I hope he likes it.  He liked the Graduation Teddy Bear that I made him. And the Spongebob.  :)

"Where's Perry?"

The Semi-Aquatic, Egg-Laying, Mammal of Action...  Here he is. :P  I LOVED crochetbugs' Perry, and HAD to try and make one. Even though I don't have the book she used to make some of the parts with. (Like the body and legs).  I was still determined. :)  I used this Guinea Pig pattern as a start off point. BUT, I did only sc's. And, did 27 rounds all together.  For the rest, I winged the arms and legs kind of going by crochetbugs' pictures and guesstimating. The eyes, I just made up. And the bill and tail, I used KristieMN's "Floppy Friends" bunny pattern (the ear), as a start off point, too. (I'm still working on the Knuffle Bunny, here and there, using that pattern...  :P So it was "in my brain".. )  Oh, for the hat, I used a Ken doll hat pattern from an Annie's Attic pattern book I have.    I used Red Heart Super Saver, in "Turqua" and "Pumpkin". And black, and white..  And a G hook. 

I kind of thought, "He's too skinny."  :(  But after looking at pictures online of Perry, I guess he is kind of skinny in "Real Life".  And, my son likes him...  :)  I made Perry for him; since he is trying so hard, and doing so good in school. (He was really having a hard time, these first two weeks-new school/third grade is a lot harder/different than second grade...)  So it was kind of a "reward".     I might make more of these.  The 14 year old rolled his eyes when he saw it. So, I don't think he wants one.  (I will have to try and figure out how to crochet Darth Maul for him... Sigh... Or maybe Darth Vader. Sigh again...  LOL) 

I was asked by a friend to crochet a shrug (the Simple Shrug) for her daughter. :)  I'm kind of excited. I'd been wanting to make another one, but didn't have anyone to make one for...  I will have to go get some navy blue yarn though. So...  I might *have* to go to JoAnns'...  ;P   It's for the step-daughter of my husband's co-worker (who got him the job out here to begin with).  So, I *have* to get nice yarn to make it with. ;)