Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall" ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Well this is a pretty boring video probably to most people. But... I love the rain. (I know, I'm weird..)  It rained here Saturday night. There was an awesome thunderstorm. Me and the kids were watching the lightning in the 14 year olds' bedroom. :P  Then, Sunday it rained, too. There was some thunder, but nothing like Saturday night. Then, it started to hail! I heard it first. At first I thought "Man, it must be pouring!" And I got up to look and saw that it was hail. ("Oh"...)   Maybe that isn't so big of a deal. But in Southern Nevada, it's kind of weird... Right after it started hailing, my husband turned on the Weather Channel and found out there was a Severe Thunderstorm and Flash Flood Warning for the whole county.  Hmm.  I guess that was the worst of it, here. We didn't get any flooding here. But I noticed in spots along our road the next day, there were huge puddles. Remember this post? I didn't mention it in that post, but last year when it rained, our road gave out. It is STILL not finished, and blocked off.  Fortunately, I don't have to drive down there anymore. (Our sons' middle school is (was-since he is in high school now) down there... And, a new elementary school. You'd think they would finish a road that leads to two schools? There are other ways to get to them, but both schools are on or just off this road..)   Anyway~~~

Sunday was a somewhat stressful day. Besides the weather (which wasn't stressful, actually); that morning, Jetta got out the laundry room door (which goes into the garage). The garage door was open, and she BOLTED. I RAN out there, as fast as I could. (No shoes, running on an all rock yard~ Not fun~ I can't even walk on the rocks, let alone run?...)  I yelled, "Jetta!!! SIT!!!!" THANK GOD she listened to me, and I was able to get her.  She was about five feet from the road. That is exactly how Portia got hit by a car.  :(   My feet hurt for a couple hours, afterwards. And I think I tore part of one toenail away from the toe. Today is the first day it doesn't hurt. But, I got her.  We really need to get a fence...  (Sigh.)  Maybe someday when my husband starts working again.        Then,late Sunday evening, our 8 year old threw up. I saw him go in the bathroom and I heard him coughing strangely. I said to my husband, "Is he okay?" (Sounded like a throwing up gag/cough to me..)  Sure enough, it was...  :(   And guess who was unofficially "elected" to clean it up?  Yup, me....   :/  It was all over the bathroom~ Floor, toilet, garbage can, wall, tub....  UGH!!!  But it could have been worse...  If my husband had cleaned it up, it would have doubled or tripled in size, lol.  ;P   Well the next morning~ early in the morning~  I woke up (at 2:30) to check on him, and the couch was gone (the couch he was laying on). And he was asleep in the chair.  Well you know how it is when you're half asleep. I just went back to bed, since he was sleeping and I didn't see anything anywhere.  I learned later on that morning that he had thrown up on the couch (it was in the garage). So, he missed school Monday. And Tuesday I picked him up early since he still wasn't feeling well.  (I won't get into how much homework he had-- UGH!!-- for third grade???)      Well I guess when it rains, it pours.   (Bad joke, I know... :P)

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