Friday, September 09, 2011

"Where's Perry?"

The Semi-Aquatic, Egg-Laying, Mammal of Action...  Here he is. :P  I LOVED crochetbugs' Perry, and HAD to try and make one. Even though I don't have the book she used to make some of the parts with. (Like the body and legs).  I was still determined. :)  I used this Guinea Pig pattern as a start off point. BUT, I did only sc's. And, did 27 rounds all together.  For the rest, I winged the arms and legs kind of going by crochetbugs' pictures and guesstimating. The eyes, I just made up. And the bill and tail, I used KristieMN's "Floppy Friends" bunny pattern (the ear), as a start off point, too. (I'm still working on the Knuffle Bunny, here and there, using that pattern...  :P So it was "in my brain".. )  Oh, for the hat, I used a Ken doll hat pattern from an Annie's Attic pattern book I have.    I used Red Heart Super Saver, in "Turqua" and "Pumpkin". And black, and white..  And a G hook. 

I kind of thought, "He's too skinny."  :(  But after looking at pictures online of Perry, I guess he is kind of skinny in "Real Life".  And, my son likes him...  :)  I made Perry for him; since he is trying so hard, and doing so good in school. (He was really having a hard time, these first two weeks-new school/third grade is a lot harder/different than second grade...)  So it was kind of a "reward".     I might make more of these.  The 14 year old rolled his eyes when he saw it. So, I don't think he wants one.  (I will have to try and figure out how to crochet Darth Maul for him... Sigh... Or maybe Darth Vader. Sigh again...  LOL) 

I was asked by a friend to crochet a shrug (the Simple Shrug) for her daughter. :)  I'm kind of excited. I'd been wanting to make another one, but didn't have anyone to make one for...  I will have to go get some navy blue yarn though. So...  I might *have* to go to JoAnns'...  ;P   It's for the step-daughter of my husband's co-worker (who got him the job out here to begin with).  So, I *have* to get nice yarn to make it with. ;)

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