Monday, January 03, 2011

Vacation is Over

This morning was the kids first day back to school after Winter Break. But....  Then, some "Winter" happened. :P  We got snow! Only four inches (at the most). But in this town, you would think there was a blizzard. School was cancelled today. So.. Winter Break was extended by one day.
It's a good thing I got pictures this morning (it still wasn't completely light out when I took these so if they look a little dark to you, too; that's why.). It's almost all melted now.

And it's a good thing our youngest son got out there and made a snowman when he did, too. It was already starting to melt while he was making it..

Ta Da... Mini-Snowman.  :P

I finished a couple towel/dishcloth sets (or washcloth~ I guess it depends on how the recipient wants to use them?) over Winter Break.  I had been wanting to crochet The Hanging Dishtowel forever.  So. I did. :P There is a matching dishcloth link in the pattern. But I did my own thing for my dishcloths. (I didn't have computer access when I was making these..) So, I chained 34 and just did the stitch pattern. Then did the stitch pattern around the edges.

This one is in "Desert Sunset".  I think it looks good in a variegated, too. 

Well, I am pretty sure school won't be cancelled tomorrow. So vacation really is over. (Sigh...) 


Paula said...

Just thinking about your kids 'extended" break.

I think I was in 9th grade, maybe 8th. I returned to school after Christnas break with a horrible cold.(I was a bronchitis junkie up to the age of 40).

I ended up staying home for a little over a week the next day . . waking up with the family and going downstairs to the couch, waking up when Mom came home for lunch, waking up when the brother came home to check on nme when he got out of school and then waking up for supper and maybe staying awake for some TV.

Talk about sick! To this day I can not hear the song "TelStar" without feeling ill . . . the chicken I was eating at lunch when it was playing decided to come up for a visit :0{

ANywho . . when I went back, a student teacher made me take a test over something I was supposed to have studied when I wass home. I had tried to study, but it didn't work.

Anyway, to make a LONG story aq little shorter, the teacher told Mom (who was school secretary) he wasn't counting my score and to the day I retired I NEVER tested a child who had been out with a legitimate illness . . . sO I guess I did learn ssmething when I was sick :0}

Mr Mrs Crafty RVing said...

I love the multi color washcloth/dishcloth... I havent made any in a while and now I have the itch to do so. Love the snowman - brings back tons of fun memories!

Tina said...

Paula~ Wow. Nice teacher, eh? (I mean the one who failed you for the test...)

Mr Mrs Crafty RVing~ I go for a long time when I don't want to make dishcloths... Then I do... Then I don't... :P