Sunday, January 09, 2011

Beautiful Colorado

Our family got to go to Colorado for Winter Break. We weren't going to, but...  My husband hasn't had a vacation/time off in so long...  So we decided to go ahead and do it.  I had a hard time trying to decide which pictures to blog about. But I decided on a few that I thought would show "Colorado".  This one was when we were driving on I-70.  I was amazed I got this shot. (Obviously as we were driving into it..)  The kids love going through the tunnels. (Well, the 8 year old still does..) 

Some pictures from the Garden of the Gods. I *think* the one of the left (used? to be?) is the "Kissing Camel (used to be "Kissing Camels" but the other "camels hump" fell off..) So I don't know if it is still called the Kissing Camels or what.  It's still a beautiful red rock, though. :)

This one just looked cool. Eon was climbing up there...

Water seeps out of the rocks and freezes.  I think that is so cool.

Fountain Creek, in Manitou Springs... They changed a lot of things in the park, by this creek. I guess they don't want people going down by the creek. (Which I can understand, the way people vandalize and pollute... And ruin it for people who really appreciate and love things like this..) Anyway. You can still go down there, but...

This is the view from our hotel window.. 

This was the view from our hotel window the next morning. :0  It snowed that same day. We went to our friends house to visit them, and when we drove home, the roads were horrible and it was freezing cold.  When I walked into the hotel room, I went to go into the bathroom (there was a heater vent in there that kicked out the heat and I wanted to sit by it til I got warmed up). Well (not wearing "snow boots" or snow shoes of any kind), I stepped onto the linoleoum (sp?) and whoooooop! Smack! Fell flat on my butt, and somehow managed to hit my left elbow (it still hurts) and whack my head...  :(  It hurt so bad I couldn't get up for a while.  The weird thing was, I hurt my hip/butt the worst when I fell. But my elbow has been hurting the worst since...  I don't know if I hurt myself enough to go to the doctor/chiropractor, or what...  But now my hips hurt so bad the last two nights, the only way I can sleep is on my stomach. :(  I'm seriously thinking about going to the chiropractor...   Anyway~~ Other than me falling, and the freezing cold; we had a wonderful time.  :)  It was 20 below Wind Chill Factor. Eon wanted to go outside and play in the snow while we were there, but we kept telling him, "It's too cold".  So he was happy when we came back home and it snowed/he got to make a snowman - in my last post... :)

The snow on the patio outside our room.  

The snow on the trees, by Soda Springs Park..   I saw some really pretty trees with snow on them somewhere else, but didn't get my camera out in time. (My husband gets irritated with me, I think... "Oh wait, I want to take a picture"... ;P)  So I took a picture of these... :)     I had some other pictures I guess they aren't on here though. So maybe I'll do those next time..    :)


Paula said...

I like the water freezing when it comes out of the rocks. I'll bet when the sun hits it right it sparkles like diamonds :0}

Mimi said...

Looks like you had a nice vacation there, Tina ;)
I can see only the first pic in this post - quite frustrating! Our internet connection has been acting up for weeks already...

Tina said...

Paula, it's so pretty. :) It does sparkle like diamonds.

Oh no, Mimi. I hope your internet connection gets better. :( We did have a nice vacation. I think my husband did, especially. :)