Saturday, January 29, 2011

Are You Sick of Mittens Yet?...

I'm still making them...  o.O  Hee hee...  This is actually a pair of mittens I think I started; even before I started knitting Eon's pair. So. I just last night picked them up again. I almost panicked, because I didn't put in my notes where I left off. (I was into the purl/knit part already..) But I calmed down and figured it out. ;P   The stitch holder is where the thumb will be.  I am kind of tempted to send a message to that person on Ravelry who has these (same kind of) mittens in her projects page, and ask her where the pattern came from . :)   I'm so curious, it's just unbearable not to know. :P     You can see a little bit of my book I just finished reading last night, in the picture. "The Hundred Secret Senses", by Amy Tan. (I got it at a used book store here, I finally got an "account" at~ You bring in any old [paperback only] books you don't want any more, and for each book you bring in, you get half off a book you buy~which is already only $2 or $3. And Eon has an account, too. :P) Anyway,  I really liked it.   I've been doing a lot of reading and some knitting & crocheting~~ I have to sit and "ice" my back; 20 minutes (at least) in each spot...  It's very time consuming. But it does help.  I don't know if my fall back in December is why, or what.. (I am pretty sure that's what it is~ It probably just made my already bad back worse. Or "Compounded everything", as the Chiropractor said...) But..  I was in bed all last weekend.  I do testing as a volunteer in my son's school every Friday. Well last Friday, my back was starting to hurt. Every time I'd get up to go get something, I'd notice my back was hurting/really stiff, when I got up out of the (little kiddie) chair.  Well that night it got worse. Almost all day Saturday I was in bed. I took a shower, but.. Got into some clean "pajamas"-  a t-shirt and cotton loose pants I got at the Salvation Army just to wear around the house..  (They're comfy. :P)   Anyway~ I am babbling.  Monday I couldn't take it any more. My husband took me to the chiropractor. It helped. But I still wasn't "better" (I'm still not, but...  It's a lot better than last weekend.)  I went again on Wednesday. But until I can get a referral from our doctor (which we are going to change and that's going to be more hassles...), I cannot afford to go anymore.    Anyway. I also have to do "therapy", similar to what their bed at the Chiropractor did to me on Wednesday~ which was NOT fun... :(     It's pretty painful, actually. But I do think it's helping.  I dread doing it, every day; though. I have to take a rolling pin, and roll it up and down (hard to explain).  I call it RPT: Rolling Pin Therapy. lol. 10-15 times each spot. Then when I'm done doing all that, I'm supposed to ice..  See what I mean about time consuming?  So I've been getting books to read or projects to work on, while I'm doing it. So it's not a "waste" of time. ;P 

Almost forgot I had another picture here. lol.  This is another pair of mittens like the grey ones in my last post. I think after I finish the orange ones, I am going to send everything. It is the end of January, here.  If I keep making things, it will be summer time by the time I send it all. (Plus, the box would be too big to send/afford to send..)   I might keep making things here and there though. So by the time it's winter again, I'll actually have some stuff to send. I don't do that well with challenges and stuff. It seems to take me forever to get anything done, anymore.     Well if you made it all the way to the end of this, you must be bored. ;P       I hope everyone has a nice weekend.  <3


Mimi said...

Well Tina, some people might think I'm bored here - on a weekend, reading friends' blogs :p Not really...that's why I enjoy your stories, like I'm hanging out with you sometimes ;)
But I'm truly sorry to know about your back problems :( Wish I could help...Get well soon! Prevention is always better than cure, so please take care.
Cute mittens, looks so warm and cozy! You make it look easy to make 'em.

Tina said...

Thanks, Mimi. :)