Thursday, January 20, 2011

Monkey Bread, and More Mittens..

I made some Monkey Bread today. I had been wanting to make some for years.  See how long it takes me? The recipe was somewhat confusing to me, but... It still turned out good.

It doesn't look so good here. But it was.  :)   Now I know how to do it, I'll probably make it more often.

And, I've been making mittens...  These are an old pattern, I think. The url doesn't work anymore. So I'm thinking it's just gone. But it's similar to Bev's Marvelous Mittens.  I'm sending these to Pine Ridge. Maybe.

And I made another pair of "Grow Mittens", like my son's..  These are for his teacher.  I'm glad I started them when I did, and was close enough to finishing them to actually finish them in time. Because tomorrow is his last day in that classroom. I didn't have any idea until yesterday, but he is moving up to second grade on Monday.  Yay!!  He will be where he is supposed to be now. Hopefully he will be able to catch up. We'll see...   He's excited about it. (So that's good~ At least he isn't scared/nervous/anxious..)  I met his new teacher yesterday, too. She's nice. So is the one he has. I'm kind of sad... :(  I'll miss all the kids in his class. (I only helped out in there a few times, but..)     Well....  That's about all for now. 


Lucy said...

Omg...the old pattern mittens reminds me of a pair I had when I was little. I'm gonna check that out!!

Tina said...

Lucy, if you happen to find out what the pattern is would you mind telling me where it came from? I have the pattern, but I would be interested in knowing where it's from. :)

Vik said...

I would love to get that pattern too! They look so pretty and reming me of my childhood too!

teakaycee said...

omgoodness... love the grow with me mittens.... with all my grandbabies.... those would be perfect!
Love MonkeyBread!!! I make it in a 9x13 pan so that I can make more. With my house full.. I need more... LOL

God Bless!

Tina said...

I was thinking about making some more Monkey Bread today. It's so yummy. (There goes that .8 of a pound I lost.. sigh..) :P

teakaycee said...

I'm gonna make Monkey Bread tomorrow! :)
Thank you again...... ;) You're so sweet!
I have my yarn picked out... I'm ready to go... if I could just find a minute to get would be great... but I keep being asked to tend to other needs. Oh well.... this is going to be my ongoing project for the year for Christmas gifts!!!!

God Bless <><