Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Pair of Mittens

I finished the other mitten today.  Every day Eon would ask "Did you finish my other mitten yet?"  Well this morning I said "I might have a surprise for you when you get home from school today?" (I only had the thumb to finish..)  Eon said, "Is it edible?"  LOL!!! He is living up to the family name, that's for sure...  I said "No..." :P  They fit him perfect, too.

See?  :D   I wanted to get some of those little labels "Made With Love by Mom"; or "Handknit Especially for You"... I had some, but I think I only have one left. I wanted to sew them in the mittens, so I could write his name on them. (So they won't get stolen.. grrr.)       I cast on for another pair for his teacher, today.  I was sneaky and had him ask her what her favorite color was. :P  (I got two colors, too. But I knew almost immediately which of the colors I wanted to make, since it is also the school color.)   :)      


Lucy said...

Oh, those look so nice and warm!!!!

Me said...

Those look really nice..