Sunday, January 09, 2011


A couple of days ago I got a package in the mail. Someone I write to/writes to me, sent me a pair of mittens she knitted me! And, the pattern to make some myself.  :D  I pulled the mittens out, and immediately the 8 year old was eyeballing them. Then I looked at all the papers in there; one was a letter and the other paper was the pattern. I said "She sent me the pattern, too". Eon said "Now you can make me some, too."  :P  (He isn't very demanding, is he?... ;P)  I said "What color do you want?" So he started going through my yarn bins and picking out yarn. "That one is too thick" (Red Heart Cloud) "That one there probably isn't enough yarn to make two mittens with though.."  So finally he picked out the blue I am making his Snuggie with (ughh... I'm going to start calling that thing an "Ugh-ie" lol...). 

Ta Da....  :P  One mitten done! (It really is done, I wove in all the ends since I took this picture. :P) And it fits him perfectly.  I'm so happy.  After my disappointment with my Shalom Cardigan; and before I did this mitten, I started and frogged three different times, with this pattern...  I actually have another mitten (orange) started with 9's, that I did wrong. So I took out all the needles, and ripped it back (GASP!) to the ribbing part; and am going to try from there.  I was doing increases all around each round, not just around the thumb area. (Duh...)   Eon's mitten I did with size 7's.  I wanted to do it with 8's; but I don't have any~ and my 9's were occupied. :)    I'm really loving this pattern, thank you Marsha!! :D  I haven't knitted mittens in a few years; and the ones I did do I had a problem with, and had to force myself to finish the second mitten..   Oh, these are called "Grow Mittens" I think? That's what she wrote on the pattern. I tried doing a search on Ravelry, and found these.  She calls them "Grow with me Mittens". So I'm not sure what the exact name is.  I wonder where the original pattern came from, though (she said it is an OLD pattern).  Well til next time~~  :)

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Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Those mittens are so cute! I'm guessing they stretch to fit a larger hand? Probably because of the way it is knitted. I looked everywhere and couldn't find a pattern. I think they would be great for the Grandkids. They grow out of things so fast!