Friday, June 29, 2007

'Member These?

Well.... they were starting to smell pretty rotted. I got paid today though, so I went to WalMart to get some perlite and rooting hormone. Well they had the rooting hormone, but not the perlite. So I went to a nursery right by my house, and they did have some....
I cut off all the heads. Don't they look purty?

I mixed half perlite and half potting soil together. Put it into these pots, which I have had forever and tried to sell at my garage sale.... but no one bought them. Thank goodness, cuz they are perfect for this! I dipped the stems (after cutting off the very bottom tip a little) into rooting hormone, and stuck them into the pots. I hope they will root. I will have twelve rose bushes! Maybe I should try that with my neighbors' lilac bush? By the time we have a house with a real (grass) yard, I could have rose bushes and lilac bushes, all for *free*! (Well except for the cost of the perlite and the rooting hormone...)

A Profile of a Pig

Hee Hee. No I am not talking about anyone I know. It's a stuffed animal. By KristieMN: Custom Made Pig! It's for her toy drive she is having this year. (2nd Annual.) I so far have this pig done, a bear (Cro_Queens' bear, I have made two of these just like it... don't have a picture of the one I finished; but it is very similar to this one-- The bear at the top of the page...) I also have two wheelchair caddies done (except the lining sewn in and buttons sewn on...) I'll try to get a picture of everything together before I send it. (Which won't be anytime soon...)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pretty Lace by Yoko Suzuki

I was bored with my crocheting. I made myself a little rule, 'You cannot start any new projects until you finish the ones you already have started'... pshh. I guess that flew out the window... :D I had been wanting to make/copy one of these 'T's that Mimi sent me a while ago, for a long time now... So, last night I thought 'Well tonight I'll do one'. Then I got to wanting to do all the letters, so I looked at Crochetville to see what the name of the book is, that Mimi used. It is Pretty Lace by Yoko Suzuki. I bid on one at eBay. So far I am the highest bidder. :p Anyway, my "T" is not blocked yet. And, I don't know what I will *do* with it, but.... I do have a couple friends whose names begin with T.

Monday, June 25, 2007


I got these from work last night. :D No, someone did not give them to me. (And my husband didn't send them to me, either...) And usually we are not allowed to take the flowers, but they were throwing them all away, so I thought I'd ask. He said, 'Take all you want!' They are more of a coral orange-y color; but once again, the picture is washed out... I read somewhere that you can start your own rose bush from a rose. Cut off the (dead) head and make a new cut on the end. Dip in rooting hormone (?). Put in a mixture of perlite and potting soil. And you can grow your own rose bush. I thought I'd try it, since these are probably Rare Tibetan Roses, or something... :D

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Fairy Rainfall Afghan

Well this is what I have been working on mostly lately. I have been testing it for Etaria at Crochet Garden. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to *say* anything, or post about it, but she asked if I was going to, so I guess that is a *yes*? :p It was super easy to work once I figured out the star stitch (I have never done the star stitch before). I used four 7 oz. skeins of Red Heart Super Saver, and an H hook. I only used just a little of the fourth skein, though. For one last round of the edging, and a little of the previous round, too. I am sorry these pictures are so poor quality I really need a new digital camera (I am dropping huge hints to my husband.... like, 'I need a new digital camera'... :p Our anniversary is coming up next month...) Anyway, here is a close-up (crappy) shot of the edging...
It is not blocked yet. I will have to save this one for a little girl, I think. What do you think, would it work for a boy? Or is the edging too *lacy*? (That's what I'm thinking...) Well have a nice day all!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Gadget Swap Package Has Arrived!

From Kathy, aka Katchkan! :D Thank you so much, Kathy! I love everything~ and will have so much fun using it! I can't wait to try out the Clover hook. I have never even used one! Now I have one. I am going to be so spoiled. "Oh, was I scheduled to work tonight? Oh, sorry, I got carried away with my new clover hook!" (Somehow I don't think that would go over too well.... It would be fun, though. :p) Thank you so much again and I hope you will enjoy your swap package as much as I have mine.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Snickerdoodles and Scones...

Once again, washed out pictures, but.... Have you ever made Snickerdoodles? They aren't the fanciest; but they are easy, and fun if you like to bake with your kids... (I am starting to let the kids take over here...) :p Actually this whole plate was made by the fifteen year old and the four year old (with me helping). I was looking through my recipes and couldn't find my recipe for Snickerdoodles from my mom. So I googled. The recipe I used is here. Here is one using butter (this one has pop-ups, fyi...) instead of shortening. And did you know you could make them with colored sugars, too? I have been in the mood to make scones lately, too. (Don't ask why, when it is ninety degrees outside, do I want to bake???) I loooooove Wendy's Chocolate Chip Scones recipe. But... I don't have any mini-chocolate chips. Or whipping cream, for that matter. I do have a can of pumpkin though. So I was thinking about making these pumpkin scones. Here's another recipe for pumpkin scones, too. Yummy.

Here is something I have finished recently. A knitted (gasp) dishcloth. It's a dragonfly. The color is super washed out, it's actually orange. Well that's all for now folks.

Monday, June 04, 2007

A Poncho from Spiegel

My Mom (she's so funny) sent me a copy of a picture she printed out (I don't know why she didn't just email it to me, but...) of a poncho she wants me to crochet her. (LOL) It is pretty, but... I wish I could figure it out just from a picture! Crochet Dude.... where are you....? :D Ugh... why does she have to feed my obsession? I have a hard enough time with bags and shoes!! :p It is on sale-- maybe I could buy one and figure it out?.. :D

Sunday, June 03, 2007

New Button

I've added a new button in my sidebar (finally). I joined this KAL a while back. Right about the time the Spring Pals Swap was starting. But, I couldn't post about it since I was knitting a dishcloth for my swap partner, Kelle. And I would have given myself away. Turns out she knew who I was anyway, but... :p Well that's about all the news. I am knitting the latest KAL they have posted. So far I can't tell what it is. But that's half the fun of it... :)

Friday, June 01, 2007

Mimi's Choker Came in the Mail Today!!

Remember the blog contest I won the drawing for, on Mimi's blog?! I won one of her beautiful chokers she made up the pattern for. And it came in the mail today, as the title of this post stated. I just love it, Mimi! The color and the beads are perfect. In fact, they match what I am wearing today, so I am wearing it right now!
Not the greatest picture (I am wearing tan shorts that are just a little lighter than the choker.) Kinda hard to take a picture of yourself. :p Thank you so much, Mimi. I absolutely love it and now I have two necklaces/chokers you made me! I will cherish them always. :D