Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Yarn Ball... And Chocolates from Germany!!

I guess I'll save the best for last and talk about my yarn ball first. (It's soooo exciting....) :p I am just making a yarn ball from all my green scraps of yarn. To make something with, when it's big enough... I read about it in a couple different threads at Crochetville.
Just look at the chocolates from Germany!! I am eating one right now. Yum... A friend of ours (mostly of our fifteen year old sons..) went to Germany to visit family. I asked her if she could stash me in her luggage, so I could go, too. That didn't work (hee hee)... but she brought us some chocolates, though!! They are yummy. My sister in law sent us some chocolate from Germany once. It wasn't as sweet as this though. (I don't think it was sweetened at all, actually...) And, I won a blogiversary contest on Mimi's blog!! :o I don't believe it! I hardly ever win anything. It's so exciting! I got to pick out my very own color of choker, and Mimi is going to make one for me; of her own design. Thank you so much, Mimi!! (I told you I would save the best for last.) :D

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Mimi said...

That is sweet of your friend, the chocolate looks so yummy!
I like the yarn ball idea :) I don't think it can work with my thread leftovers though. Most of it are multicolor threads and the colors don't match...
You know what Tina, I shuffled the contest entries so long, then I asked my son to pick two. He wasn't even into it, he was watching T.V. So he got two and I could not believe it was you and Deneen, for you both have been my blog friends for quite a long time now ;)
Congrats again Tina and thanks for the friendship :)