Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Got Another RAOK!!!

How cool is that?! Word has it (over at Crochetville), there is a busy RAOK'er in Kent, WA!! ;D Well, I don't know if it is all the same person, but it could be... ;) Thanks so much for all the pattern leaflets and for really brightening my day yesterday Kelle!!
And, for lack of any other crocheting to blog about... I thought I'd share the progress on my shawl. I've really gotten quite far on it. I'm on the last rep. But I may do a couple more, I don't know. I still have two or three skeins left. So I'll have enough. Probably. Well TTFN all. Have a Nice Tuesday.


Mimi said...

The shawl is looking good, Tina.
Hope you can model it for us when finished ;)

Tina said...

I will model it. I've been trying to think what to wear when I do... :D