Friday, June 29, 2007

'Member These?

Well.... they were starting to smell pretty rotted. I got paid today though, so I went to WalMart to get some perlite and rooting hormone. Well they had the rooting hormone, but not the perlite. So I went to a nursery right by my house, and they did have some....
I cut off all the heads. Don't they look purty?

I mixed half perlite and half potting soil together. Put it into these pots, which I have had forever and tried to sell at my garage sale.... but no one bought them. Thank goodness, cuz they are perfect for this! I dipped the stems (after cutting off the very bottom tip a little) into rooting hormone, and stuck them into the pots. I hope they will root. I will have twelve rose bushes! Maybe I should try that with my neighbors' lilac bush? By the time we have a house with a real (grass) yard, I could have rose bushes and lilac bushes, all for *free*! (Well except for the cost of the perlite and the rooting hormone...)

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Mimi said...

Good luck on growing those, it would be thrilling to see them come alive ;)