Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pretty Lace by Yoko Suzuki

I was bored with my crocheting. I made myself a little rule, 'You cannot start any new projects until you finish the ones you already have started'... pshh. I guess that flew out the window... :D I had been wanting to make/copy one of these 'T's that Mimi sent me a while ago, for a long time now... So, last night I thought 'Well tonight I'll do one'. Then I got to wanting to do all the letters, so I looked at Crochetville to see what the name of the book is, that Mimi used. It is Pretty Lace by Yoko Suzuki. I bid on one at eBay. So far I am the highest bidder. :p Anyway, my "T" is not blocked yet. And, I don't know what I will *do* with it, but.... I do have a couple friends whose names begin with T.


Mimi said...

Cute, they look like twins!
I hope you get the pretty lace book at a good price ;)

Tina said...

Well I didn't think it was a good price; but... I went to and the lowest price that anyone was selling it for was higher than what I will be paying, so. ? I think I might win the bid. Only 28 minutes left. So unless someone outbids me at the last minute, I'll get it. :)