Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Comfortghan is Done and So is the Mesh Bag

What do you think? The colors are a little off. It is purples, plums, lavender... My friend made four of the squares. I did have two other people that I asked, but the one said she couldn't... And the other one has been out of town, and... I haven't seen her. I doubt she has a square for me, anyway. I was thinking about putting a border on it, but... 1. I am crunched for time, and 2. I don't want to. :P So there.
And here is the Mesh Bag I tested for Mimi! I really like this bag. I used worsted weight cotton to make it with. I haven't used it yet. But it feels sturdy. Thanks for letting me test it, Mimi!
And here is a teapot my Mom sent me. I forgot she had told me she was sending me two teapots. (See where I get that from?) The other one broke. :( I said, 'You have to write FRAGILE forty times on the box. Otherwise they will drop it, step on it, play catch with it...' I'm glad this one made it though. I have a little black tea pot, but every time I pour tea it spills. No matter what. Now I can use this one. Well have a great Wednesday everyone. Hump day is almost over. :P


Mimi said...

Thanks again for testing the bag pattern, Tina, you did a good job!

♥.•*Carol T*•.♥ said...

Hi Tina!!
I like your work!!
& thank you for stopping by!!
I hope you have a
Happy Holiday Season!!