Thursday, July 12, 2007

Witchetty Grubs and Pretty Lace

( Well those two things don't really go together...) But, they are both crocheted! At least in this case they are. These are two witchetty grubs I crocheted. I got the pattern from Cupcake ~~ Thank you, again, Cupcake! :D I did a Google search on the Witchetty Grub. Very interesting. I also ordered Cupcake's 'Budgeriar' pattern from her etsy store. I had wanted to make them, anyway. Then I noticed a billboard sign for our zoo that said they have 'Budgie Babies' this summer!! Then that made me want to make some even more! They are so cute! I love all of Cupcake's patterns, but some of them more than others, and I *have* to have them. ;)
Today I recieved an item I won on eBay! Ever since Mimi sent me the 'T' she had crocheted from this book, I had been wanting to get the book; 'Pretty Lace'. Then I tried to make my own T, and then I decided it would be so much easier if I just had the book. Then I could make whatever other letters are in there, too. :) Sorry about the blurry photos again folks. I almost don't want to even blog any more it's so embarrassing... ;) Have a Wonderful Day everyone!! :)


Mimi said...

Yay, now we both have the Pretty Lace book Tina! I'm sure you'll treasure it :)
Your withchetty grubs are cute, I thought they were peanuts, until I looked over at wikipedia. Very interesting really...
Btw, dont worry about your photos, they are always better than not having photos at all or not posting at all ;)

Tina said...

Hi Mimi! That's what I was thinking, too. Now we both have the book. Hee Hee! I was looking through it last night, it has a lot of nice things in it.

I know the photos are better than none at all.... I just look through all my posts and think 'ugh'... ;)