Thursday, July 19, 2007

Doesn't he look lonely?

And armless and legless?.... :( But I thought I'd post about him, anyway. This is a bear I am working on for KristieMN's toy drive. I've made one of these guys before, for our four year old. (And for our fifteen year old and our ten year old.... The ten year olds' bear is in the same link, next to the four year olds' bear. Can't seem to find the fifteen year olds' bear. Although it could be around here in a bag or box, who knows...) Anyway. I finally got some eyes to finish his head. I think he looks cute. I hope it will make one child feel a little better. In some way, at least... Some kind person at Crochetville found a web archive of this pattern. It does not show the picture, but.... you can see the ones I have made. :) And, the pattern is pretty clear on where to place the eyes, and nose... So that makes it easier. I don't know why, but I love these scrappy bears.... I will post a picture of everything I am sending to Kristie when I have it all together (ha ha~~ that will be never!!...) But, when I have all my crochet projects together... ;p

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