Sunday, July 29, 2007


Since I've been to the library, I've been reading more lately. (I missed it.) One of the books I got at the library was 'When This Cruel War is Over' by Thomas Fleming. I just finished reading it today. It was a historical fiction story, but at the end there was a prologue that said this story was written from hundreds of pages of notes compiled by someone, and letters from the families in the story. So some of the story may have been fabricated, but they were real people during the Civil War. I don't know why, but I love historical fiction. Probably because I love history, and I love to read. They had a civil war display upstairs at the library, almost like a museum. (Which was really neat.) They had a few books on display, and one of them was 'When This Cruel War is Over'... well I couldn't find it anywhere in the library. I asked the librarian, and she said it was fiction. So I went back upstairs and (eventually) found it....When I brought the book home, I thought 'This doesn't look like the book they had on display.' Well, it wasn't. This was the book they had on display. (Same title, different author!) I'll have to go back and get it now. Another book I got at the library was 'Millionaires Row' by Norman Katkov. (I just liked the title, so I grabbed it... :p) I haven't started reading it yet. Then, my sister-in-law (who is more of a bookworm than I am, I think-- if that's possible...) gave me a book called 'The Hearth and Eagle'; written by Anya Seton. The cover on the book in the link is very different than the cover on the book she gave me. (I like my cover better). I think I might read this one next.

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Mimi said...

I'm glad that you still find time to read books, Tina. I think I stopped reading a few years ago...but I actually could not get myself to ever read novels (you might have heard me say that before). Anyway, at least there's one in my family who's a good reader - my older son.