Saturday, July 28, 2007

Wallace and Gromit

I took our kids to the library recently downtown. (I took them to the library at least once a week, when our library was open.... it is being renovated now, and has been closed for weeks and weeks... well I finally found out where the next closest library is, and we went there a couple of days ago...) Anyway, one of the things our kids like to get at the library is movies. (I like that they are free-- if you return them on time, that is-- lol!) Anyway, one of the movies we got was Wallace and Gromit, the Were Rabbit one... Well now our four year old loves Gromit! So I went on to Crochetville to see if anyone had ever tried to crochet a Gromit. Someone did!! Dina! But, the admins removed the pattern as it is a licensed character... :( !!!!!!!!! Waaaaa! I then tried googling to see if it was anywhere else on the web... but to no avail. :( I did try to contact some people though, to see if they had saved it to their computer. No one has replied yet, though. I just want to make one for my four year old, for crying out loud. They have Wallace and Gromit knitting patterns, I don't know why a crocheted one would be a big deal? Unless the people who made up the knitting pattern had permission to do it? (Sigh.) Well maybe I can try and figure out how to do one from the picture. Although I'm not as good at doing that as I used to be.... Have a Great Day everyone!


Anna said...
If you go on this website you can find how to crochet Gromit! Enjoy:)

Tina said...

Thank you, Anna!