Saturday, July 21, 2007

Will The Real Rupert Bear Please Stand Up?

Oh, I guess they are both standing up.... lol. Well one of these bears is the real Rupert Bear (what my son named his stripey bear I crocheted him...) The one I finished is on the left. His ears are bigger, and he is smaller. Don't know how that happened. Actually, I think I used a G hook on this one. For Rupert I used an H hook, I think... Do they look like twins? :p
Here is the new bear, for KristieMN's toy drive. I think he looks quite handsome. (I did Rupert's ears wrong~~ Shhh... don't tell anyone.) Well I think this is the last of the toys I am going to make for the toy drive. I don't have them all quite finished yet, but I promise I will post a picture of them all when I do get them all done. If you are not sick to death of hearing about teddy bears.... Here are some teddy bear activities you can do with your kids. I really want to have a teddy bear tea party with my nieces before they go back home, but I am so busy I don't know if I would have time.... Maybe I can do one with my own kids. This page has a teddy bear name quiz. Mine was something like 'Silky Wooly Ears' or something... Here you can enter a drawing for a free teddy bear! I think I might try it. (Not that we need any more bears.... if I won I could donate it or give it away...) If you have small children pre-school age, here is a dress-up teddy bear game. I played it for a while myself. :P Here is some Teddy Bear History if you are interested. Here are a selection of bear books...
Here is a page with clip art, you can make your own personalized teddy bear stationery.
Here is a Teddy Bear Orphanage. I also saw a page where a woman rescued bears and adopted them for herself. Well that's about it, for twenty pages of Googling, that I could come up with... (I think it's enough to keep a person busy for a few hours at least.) :P

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Mimi said...

I'm sure I'd be into teddy bears too if I still had kids ;)
Good work on the toys!