Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I tested this little guy for someone at Crochetville. Our four year old named him 'Squibly, squibly'. (That's what the person at Crochetville called him.) He worked up really fast. Fun for an instand gratification project and a toy for someone... Maybe even yourself. :D I am going to make another one in green for our other son. She said she was going to be posting the pattern at her Etsy store soon. It doesn't look like she has it up yet. So I suppose you could just check there later.


Mimi said...

Cute! Is it a jellyfish?

Lucy said...

Hey...I like the name!!! Pretty good for a 4-year old!

Tina said...

Weeeell... it was already named Squibly, by the person who made the pattern up. So he couldn't think of a new name... ;p It is an alien, I guess. That's what she said it is. Just a cute little crocheted toy for kids (and grown up kids.) :D

Thanks for stoppin' by, Mimi and Lucy! :)