Saturday, February 24, 2007

Butterfly Bookmark

Well Lucy, I have been searching for that butterfly. I will have to dig out my patterns and see which one it is; as I can't seem to find it on CPC. I am almost positive, though, that this bookmark pattern is what she used for the bookmark. There was some discussion about this bookmark at Crochetville a while ago. I can't seem to find the one (Crochetville post) I am thinking about... But, some kind hearted person (maybe it is the person who sent me my butterfly, although I can't remember who it was...) was sending these butterfly bookmarks out as RAOKs. Everyone loved them and was wondering what pattern she used. I am almost positive the bookmark pattern is the one she used. Here is one butterfly that is very similar. Instead of yarn, you use thread. I found it. Happyghan Butterfly! That is (what I am almost positive she used for) the butterfly pattern. If you make one, I'd love to see it! :) Guess What!!? After I posted this, I went back to Crochetville just to see if I could find the thread that I was thinking of. And I did!! And, it is the person who was making them!! I am so privileged to have one from her!! I can't believe it! :D She tells how she made them, and it is the butterfly I posted. I didn't read the rest, but now you can read it yourself. ;)


Lucy said...

Thank you so much Tina!!! I like that little thread butterfly enough to make a pin out of that one rather than doing the whole bookmark...actually I'll probably do both. So nice of you to do that for me!!!! Thanks again!

Tina said...

:D No problem. I am thinking about making some too. So now I have the link blogged to go back to. ;)