Saturday, February 24, 2007

Coffee Can Cozy

Here is something else I have been working on, that won't give me away to my secret pal. It's for the stashbusting CAL. Although the two points I got making this (didn't actually bust any stash with it, did I?) are gone since my secret pal sent me two skeins of fancy fur! :D And, I know I am going out to buy two more (at least) today. For something. I'm not saying what... ;)
Here is the coffee can it goes over. Technically it isn't a *can*, though, is it? When it is plastic? Hmmm.... Is that a stupid thing to wonder about? Well anyway. What do you all think about my coffee can cozy? I think I need to make a top for it somehow, don't you? I think that is where I'm stumped.


Mimi said...

Very cute color combination, Tina!

Sallenlouise said...

Tina,You are the coffee cozy queen!!!!!
Ohhh,and maybe instead of a can, it's a coffee tub (who really knows these things!)
And yes, I think it needs a top!
(maybe we can find something bigger than this to help with your stash busting!!!)
Thanx for hollering at me!