Friday, February 23, 2007

Lots of Mail Lately!! :D

And complete surprises, too. First, I got this Valentines' Day card and beautiful butterfly bookmark in the mail as an RAOK from Cordelia (at Crochetville)! It is so pretty, and it is ironic because I was just looking through my drawer the other day, thinking 'I know I must have a crocheted bookmark in here somewhere. I was almost positive I had a purple one someone else made me... (I must be losing my mind.) So now I have this one too. Thank you, Cordelia!! :)
Then, not too long after, I got this in the mail from Mimi. It came as a total and most pleasant surprise!! Thank you so much, Mimi!! This is the shrug pattern that I just posted about in my last post. So even though I already had the pattern on my computer, I now have it in writing, too!!
And, I got my first puffie in the mail from my Secret Pal!! She really threw me for a loop, because somehow (she must have inside info) ;) she put the address to the pal that I am secret to, as the return address. It really confused me. I thought I must be hallucinating or going crazy from this flu. But, no, it really was her, and I wasn't hallucinating. I may be going crazy, though. LOL. :D Thank you so much, secret pal!!

And here are the dishcloths, unfolded. I tried to lighten this picture, but it only came out even darker.... :( They are a really lovely pale yellow and white. Too pretty to wash grimy greasy dishes with!! :0

And, for lack of things to blog about (or should I say, since I can't blog about what I am crocheting, since it's all for my secret pal, and I would give myself away...) :) Here is a shawl I started like two years ago. It's the evening shawl. I always get a pop-up from this site, so be warned. :/ I had put this away for soooo long. I think mostly because it's taking forever, and I don't really like working with Red Heart Symphony. It is soft, and fuzzy. But it's a bear to frog. And kinda hard to see what you are doing. Nothing like fun fur, though...

A kind of close-up. Well KnicKnac had posted about the evening shawl she just finished at Crochetville. And so I dug mine out and started working on it again yesterday.... I'm not as far along on it as I thought. I don't even really know why I started a shawl, since I'm not really a *shawl* wearing person... But, I could be. :D


Lucy said...

Nice gifts...i'm eyeing up that bookmark...I love butterflies!

Mimi said...

Nice surprises, Tina ;)
I'm sure you have more to come from your SPs. I wanted to join, but you know how hard it is being so far away...and not knowing if your pal likes! But you dont have any problem with that, I'm happy to see you enjoy it :)

Mimi said...

And...that shawl is looking good, looks like a very nice pattern ;)

Tina said...

Thanks Lucy and Mimi. I'll try to find a link to the butterfly Lucy. I think I know the bookmark pattern she used, too.

Mimi if it weren't for the secret pals swaps, you and I would never have met! I am sorry you just got a bum deal that one time. :( Thanks for the compliment on the shawl. I've already used it for a while even though it's not done. Hee hee.