Saturday, June 03, 2006

This doily was in one of the boxes I have unpacked so far. I totally forgot about this one. I made two of these, actually. The other one I made was white, for a friend. I'd like to make another one, too. I couldn't for the life of me remember what booklet it was in or anything. (That's been happening to me a lot lately...) But I found it today. It's a Year of Doilies booklet, the September doily, 'Welcoming Oval.' I've had it on the living room coffee table but it keeps getting knocked off onto the floor so I think I'm going to move it into my bedroom, on my dresser. I washed a couple of doilies I made today too. (I didn't make the doilies today, they are older doilies...) ;p But pretty dirty. I'll write more about those when I get some pictures of them.
We went for a hike on this trail today. Obviously this is an old picture (snow on the ground), but this is one of my favorite parts of the trail. I could just stand here and look at it for hours. Today we think we hiked seven miles. I am exhausted. I thought my knees were going to give out, they hurt so bad. I must be really out of shape. (Although hiking up a mountain is not exactly easy.)
Here are some of the wildflowers on the trail. I couldn't make out any of them. The only one I could tell was the Yuccas. They have buds on them now; and they are so pretty when they bloom. (I've never seen them in person, but I saw some on a postcard.) I guess I shouldn't have even posted that picture, since you can't even see any of the flowers on it. There are supposed to Columbines on the trail. I haven't seen any yet. We saw three lizards, a big blue beetle with black spots on it, a big yellow and black butterfly (I don't know what kind of butterfly, but I don't think it was a monarch, they are more orange aren't they?), a little blue butterfly, a little white butterfly (or moths), and my husband and older son said they saw a hummingbird. If we go on that trail again, I'm packing a picnic lunch and starting in the morning. I'm whipped....


Mimi said...

Way to go, Tina, sounds like fun to go hiking there even if your knees hurt. Maybe you should do it every week ;)
The doily looks great, you are quite patient with thread!

Lucy said...

You are right...the monarchs are usually a bit more could have seen a swallowtail which is very yellow and black. Two of my favorites...I'm everything butterfly!

Tina said...

Hi Mimi and Lucy!
Mimi you sound like my husband :p 'We should do this once a week'. Maybe if we didn't have the kids with us. They complained the whole way up, it was not fun. And the nine year old is the one who is always saying 'I want to go all the way up'
Lucy we have since that day been seeing those butterlies by our house, too. I'll have to do a google search to see. They're really pretty.
Thank you both for stopping by! :)