Monday, June 12, 2006

Is There Something in the Water Lately or What? :p

It seems like everyone is having babies lately. My sister-in-law is pregnant (my brother and his wife), my niece (hubby's sister's daughter), and now another sister-in-law is pregnant! I just found out this morning. Oh, and my stepsister, too. (I only met her once or twice, though, don't even know her...) Whew. I guess I know what I'll be busy crocheting or knitting this summer!!


Karla said...

You know, Tina, I was catching up on your blog, read that last post from the 20th and you not feeling well...then I read this you think...well could it be possible? It's what I first thought when I read your post from the 20th.... hee hee

Tina said...

Nope! ;p I just had 'Aunt Flo' come to visit me last week.
I think another baby would do me in. (My last one was 10 lbs, 9 oz...) :0 (C-section, but still...)