Monday, July 18, 2005

The puppies aregrowing too big, too fast. This was a week ago, I think. They know how to get out of the pen (I only put the pen up about four weeks of age, I think), and go running straight for it as soon as I open the cage/kennel in the morning. One in particular. "Whiny Boy" We kind of gave them all names. "Big Boy", "Whiny Boy", and "Duchess". Big Boy is the biggest puppy. Whiny Boy whines so much it drives you nuts. And the boys started calling the girl Duchess. Big Boy is my favorite. He's the sweetest. Whiny Boy is sassy, and the first to try new things. He was the first to get out of the pen, the first to try to eat puppy food. He kept going over to Sunny's food bowl and trying to eat her food. So I got some and put it in a dish with some water, and he was the first one to eat. He went right over there and started eating like he knew just what to do. The girl, too. Big boy didn't get it for a while. I don't know why I like him the most. He has the cutest face. He has something going on with one of his eyes. I'll have to take him to the vets soon. I'll have to take them all in, anyway. Now which puppy is in the picture? I think it is Big Boy. Only because of the left eye. It looks like his one eye. I was thinking of calling him "One-Eyed Jack". :) In three and a half weeks they could all be gone. :( I can't believe it. They drive me crazy sometimes with their whining and howling, but I will miss them when they are gone. :((( I'm going to have to make people sign an agreement that they will keep in contact with me, and send pictures. (I actually know of one person who bought a Cocker Spaniel, and she told me that's what the person she bought him from did; made everyone who bought one of her puppies sign a paper.) I guess it's not a bad idea. How do you "enforce" it, though? Call them... "Um, Mr or Mrs So-and-So, we haven't received a picture in 30 days. Is there a problem?" Take people to court if they don't send you a picture? Then I have people dropping hints.... "Oh they're so cute. I want a puppy some day.... Maybe I'll take one of yours..." (Not unless you give me $***, you won't!" The person who said that to me is someone I know, and always trying to "make a deal".) I'm just babbling. I got up way too early this morning again. Must get more coffee... Have a great day!


Jewels said...

The puppies are total sweethearts, and firsttime mama too. Absolutely amazing how they learn and know what to do. My dog is still a little whiny boy,...sounds like a monkey with his eep eep eep of his nicknames is monkeyboy.

Tina said...

They are adorable, but they whine, whine, whine! I know which puppy it is, too. "Whiny Boy" (See why we named him that?) :) One time, at 2:30 in the morning, the puppies were howling, Sunny was howling. I woke up thinking a puppy was stuck and couldn't get out, or was hurt, or something. I went downstairs, and they were all sitting there, just fine. I guess they were just having a howling fest. It's kind of funny, if you think about it. (It wasn't funny at the time, though.)They do learn fast. They are just amazing.