Friday, July 08, 2005

My AJ's Wristbag

Amazing what you can finish when you stay away from the computer for a while! :) I wanted to make one of these purses:
AJ's Wristbag for a long time, and finally finished one, today. I haven't decide who it will be going to. I originally started it to give for a graduation present (along with a gift card, etc...) Next time if I make another one, I will make the body shorter, and the straps a little longer. I'd like to try the Nylon Cord Shells Wristlet bag, too. If I can find any nylon cord.


Deneen said...

The bag looks great. I made one in the same cotton (I think) and after using it a few times the handles will stretch, so be careful making the handles longer. I also did one in a thin chenille and did make the handles longer because the chenille won't stretch. I also (deep breath) did one in wool and fulled it. I made those handles about five rows longer each, but didn't use it yet, so I don't know if they'll stretch too much. They shrunk a bit, but not five rows worth.

Veronica said...

ooooooh so pretty!! I love it! I can´t wait to get my hands on that pattern!
(I´m coming from crochetville in case you are wondering lol)