Thursday, May 26, 2016

Weekend Road Trip and An FO

Last weekend we took a trip to the coast. I have only ever been to the ocean a handful of times, in Florida visiting my Mom, and when I was little we went to the ocean somewhere in Oregon.   It is pretty awesome.  

I think even Eon was impressed, and actually had fun. (Even though he wouldn't admit it..) :P

There was a huge piece of driftwood.  

A sandcastle.  I think this is a permanent sandcastle?  

Is that a smile?....    :)  
We want to go back there, for vacation maybe.

I finished the Patty Cake Cardi.  I was making it for the OB Unit, but...   It is way too big. So it went into the OST/CPS pile.  Which is all right. 

And, I somehow finished another strip on my scrap strip blanket..  I started a third one.


paula said...

The beach looks great. I'm not a big sun and surf beach person but a quiet beach just to sit on and enjoy the waves would be perfect.

Tina said...

I am the same way Paula. At Seaside there were people everywhere. We drove a while and found a quieter beach area (where we took the pictures of us..)