Saturday, May 28, 2016

New Little Goodies and A WIP

I took a picture of my (at the time) only houseplant I have.  I bought the little wormie (that's what I was taking a picture of it for). It's supposed to tell you when your plant needs to be watered, somehow..   I just thought it was cute.   I did buy another plant a couple days ago. I need to re-pot it.  And this plant has a baby. :P  I was trying to get all the dead leaves, etc. off and I accidentally broke a piece off. So I took it and put it in a jar of water to grow roots. It has a ton of them now, so I should probably plant that one too. I was going to give it to my sister in law..
I bought some mini-scissors. I always take a project with me and one time thought, "I should get a pair of little scissors to put in my purse."  When we were out shopping one day, I found some and bought a couple pairs. I sent the other pair to a friend.

And I saw some little bags at JoAnns on clearance. They only had two, red or turqoise. Not crazy about the words on the bag, but.. It was only $2.99.  

I put my little scissors in it, and stitch markers and a yarn needle and tape measure.. I didn't intentionally plan it that way, but the scissors and the bag are the same color.  Maybe I subconsciously planned it.  :P

My progress on my scrap C2C. I am on the last corner.  Yay.. Did I mention that my sister in law wants this blanket? Well it's for OST/CPS.  I said "Maybe I could make her one.."  Emphasis on maybe..  I like working on blankets lately..  Especially when they are big enough to cover your lap with and keep you warm. :D  


paula said...

I think your plant is a Wandering Jew . . or that was what we called them in the 1970's :)

One of my boys bought me a "wormy thing" for my plants for Christmas. It never told me when to water . . worms don't talk. LOLOL

I think when the plant is watered the worm is supposed to be wet and when it dries out you water again. But, alas, mine was just for pretty too.

Tina said...

I think it is a Wandering Jew too. That's what I always called them (and still do). I was wondering what was the worm supposed to do say "I'm thirsty?"... Lol That would be just a little bit freaky..

Mimi said...

haha..cute worm ;)

Nice purse Tina, you really should have the essentials for your project anywhere you go. I have one but I had no chance to take my projects to go places - yet ;)