Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Housewarming Gift, Pie, and Magic Balls

I received the nicest gift box in the mail from one of my pen pals!! She said it's a housewarming gift.  I almost cried when I just opened the box..   You can tell it's going to be nice already.  

And it was (and is)!! Look at the super yummy yarns!! And I love the notecards. They say
"A note from Tina" and have a tea pot and tea cup..   

And I love the notecard she wrote to me on, blue birds.   And her sister made me stitch markers!! They are so beautiful! I almost want to change them into jewelry somehow. I know I would ruin them though if I tried.   I just love everything, it is too much and you shouldn't have, Barbara! But I do thank you so very much.

I don't think I have posted about the rhubarb I bought...   We have a Produce Stand/Store right by our house. I could walk there. In fact, I do walk past it whenever I go for my walks..   Well I finally went in one day, and bought some rhubarb. They had a sign out front "Local Rhubarb". GASP!! I had to stop! I LOVE rhubarb.  When I was little, I would go over to my "best friends" house  (we were not friends when we got older). They had rhubarb growing in their backyard.  We would go out there and just sit on the ground and eat it.  We would go inside and dip it in sugar, too.  I could never eat it like that now. But I told Eon that I used to do that, and guess what he does now?...   :P

So, I made a pie..  :)  Just straight up rhubarb pie.  (That's actually the name of the recipe.)  I used my own pie crust recipe though. And, I forgot to put the butter pat on top. But it still came out SO yummy!! I love rhubarb pie. I am not a big pie eater (or maker). But I have a couple pies I love, and rhubarb is one of them.

The finished pie.  I got more rhubarb yesterday. I want to make another one. :D

I have been seeing some beautiful birds at my bird feeder.  Birds I have never had at any of my feeders, no matter what state I have lived in. I saw a Goldfinch a couple days ago. Then yesterday, I saw this bird a Black Headed Grosbeak. I was SOOO excited!!  My husband had bought me some "Audobon Bird Seed".  Well it is paying off!! I want to get some suet cakes, too. I bet there are some beautiful woodpeckers here.

My Sister-In-Law invited me out to lunch last week. And she brought me over some roses from one of her rose bushes (did I post my rose bush?). They are almost the same color as my rose bush.  And, we went to a pet store across from the restaurant.  She got three of these, I thought she was getting them for her dog (but wondered..) She gave one to each of our dogs, too.   How sweet. Duke devoured his in less than a minute he's such an animal. :P  But Jetta was too nervous to eat hers..  She finally did eat it later when Eon got home from school. We had to keep Duke outside (part of the reason she wouldn't eat it is because Duke kept coming over trying to take it from her.)  

I used to make these, a long time ago (I got the idea from someone on Crochetville- I have not been on that site in years and I will never go back on it). But, they are "Magic Balls".  You just start rolling up your scrap yarn ends, tying ends together as you go, rolling into a ball..  I found these yesterday (I was looking for my glue gun-which I still haven't found).  I forgot I had started these. It's weird because see that little tiny ball? I had just recently though "I should start making Magic Balls again.."    I think I had a blue/green/turqoise one going, and a "Valentine" one going. Then, a cotton one going. I used to crochet hot pads out of magic balls..  I don't know if I had certain colors going on that one, or if it was anything goes.. Here's a post with a couple I finished.  It's just fun.

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