Monday, March 07, 2016

Scrap Strips Blanket #2, and New Yarn

I had started a second scrap strips blanket a while ago, using Sings4Joy's Pattern on Ravelry, which I love.  I made one for the OB Unit. So I decided to do one for OST CPS. Which is Oglala Sioux Tribe Child Protective Services (I think?). One of the moderators on the Bundles Of Joy group I am in said that a certain percentage of all the babies born in the hospital (which is my main thing I crochet/knit for) end up in OST. :(  Which is sad. My heart goes out to them. So..  This is just like I am still crocheting for the babies, when they get bigger...  I am making each strip 60 inches long. And I'll probably do five strips? We'll see..

I sent them a box last month (or so?); stuff I have been saving up for years... (I mean, years..) This is a friendship square afghan I did (for this exact purpose), when we lived in Nevada still!   I sent this..

Slippers I made some for my Etsy store (but they never sold). A couple pairs I did for my boys, but they only wore them one or two times at the most.  A pair of sockies

More slipper socks...

Some hats, a sweater that I tried to do for the OB Unit but it came out too big. Some pajamas that were on sale at Walmart.

Another sweater I tested, Oma's Baby Sweater. I was going to send it to the OB Unit but it came out too big, too.

Socks I had been buying and collecting, a onesie I thought was 0-3 months but it was 3-6 months or something... miscellaneous stuff.  

Two vest plus a matching hat for the one vest. I keep finding things I could have sent when I sent all this (but it was already a lot, and took two boxes!) So I am getting things ready for another box, since they extended the drive til the end of March. I don't know if I will make it to the end with the scrap strips blanket, but I will send it when I do.
And this is the "New Yarn." No big deal, Red Heart. But I have been looking for old fashioned sweet little baby sweaters on Pinterest and Ravelry.. And I wanted to do one in a variegated. My husband had to go to the hardware store yesterday and he asked me if I wanted to go to the Pharmacy store next door. (It is kind of like an old Ben Franklin type store, they have crafting supplies etc..)  So, I got this yarn to do a baby sweater and buttons which were two for $1.  


paula said...

WOW! You are going to have some full boxes.

Tina said...

Those boxes were sent before we moved. But they were full. I needed two boxes to send everything.