Friday, March 11, 2016

It's Time To Be Happy...

I don't know where or why I got it into my head but I have been really liking cowls lately...  Not just cowls, neck shawls/scarfs... I guess they are called shawlettes?  Mini shawls you wear backwards around your neck. Another thing I really like (and always have) is magazines. Especially crochet or knitting magazines. :D   And this one had a shawlette (it's called "Cowboy Cowl") I really liked.  After picking the magazine up (and carrying it around, then talking myself out of buying it) about four different times, I finally ended up buying it...  I started the cowl the same day.  I am using yarn that I've had forever. And I do mean forever. I bought it at the Goodwill in Colorado Springs.  (That's over 8 1/2 years ago, or more...)  I don't know what fiber it is (it feels acrylic), or anything.. I used to have a label on one of these but I can't find any labels either. So...  It's a mystery yarn. :)    I will definitely have enough, though.    

These are two magazines I bought recently. Now I am cutting myself off!! (Famous last words..)   I get so mad at myself (or maybe at the magazine..) because I usually only like one pattern in the whole magazine. But; like the Cowboy Cowl magazine (the one on the right), it cost almost $10!  I like a few other patterns in that magazine though. But seriously, that's a lot of money for a magazine...  The other magazine on the left has a nice shawl in it, too.  

The yarn I bought for a baby sweater (which I almost finished the body on then realized it would be way too big for the OB Unit--  Which is what I bought the yarn for) I frogged the whole sweater and it became this.  I went back and bought the rest of the skeins they had (only two)... It isn't going to be enough. I can tell you that.   I asked the cashier to order some more.  So I will go back in a week and see if they got more..   It's turning out really soft (compared to other Red Heart yarns), I am really liking this blanket. It makes me happy to work on it.    And I have been trying to be more happy lately..   (It hasn't been easy for me, the past few years - due to circumstances I cannot control/the way people act...)  So I have been trying to make a conscious effort to be happy..   Or "happier."

Eon has had three days off of school this week (conferences? - who has three whole days off for conferences?... Only this school...)   Anyway, I have been trying to "do" things with him.  He likes to go shopping at the Goodwill (that comes from when we had no money living in Colorado, going to Goodwill was fun for him - and I think for the older two boys, too because he could get a toy, or new clothes/fun pajamas or a superhero costume..)  Anyhow he wanted to go to Goodwill. So did I. :D  So we went.  This actually was from our second trip there (the next day). The first day we went, he got a guitar.  It isn't anything super expensive (I don't even know if it is tuned right), but he LOVES it!    I only had a picture on my phone which I haven't uploaded to the computer yet.. I'll try to do that. Or take a picture of it with my camera.  I like that he is interested in music.  Gets him away from the Xbox!!     Anyway, back to the coffee cups..  I wanted to look for some more coffee cups (we got rid of a lot of ours from the moves), and I wanted a cup to drink tea (and coffee, too- but I wanted one to drink tea) out of...  I still have some coffee in the one in this picture.  I liked these. I was going to just get the Eiffel Tower one for tea then I saw a second one. So I got it.  Then I saw the one in the middle. It says "Mainz am Rhein", it looks (and sounds) German, I will have to Google that.  I got my Rooster hot pad out, too.  To "love life".  I put it away in a drawer.  But, I like it. And it's fun. And it makes me happy. I just have to find a spot for it...

These are the Coke glasses Eon wanted. :)  He was counting how many Coke glasses there were. He picked the blue one out. Then I found another one just like it so we got them both..

And, some soup bowls...   These are strange, I know. (Is there even a thing such as Oxtail Soup?)  I have been in the mood to make (and eat!) soups, lately..  I wanted to make Onion Soup (which I don't even like!)-- but I saw a recipe someone posted on Facebook, which had French bread with cheese on top of the soup... Um. I could eat almost anything if it had French Bread on top of it. ;P   But....   My husband said he doesn't like it (and neither does anyone else in our family.) So, I ended up (even though I bought the French bread and chicken stock) not making Onion Soup.   But, I wanted these soup bowls to put the Onion soup in (to put the French Bread on top of to broil..)    And even though I never made Onion soup and still probably never will, I still wanted these soup bowls. I just like them. I saw them originally (not Oxtail, but others-- Mushroom, Onion, and Chicken) at a pharmacy store.  They had even more at the Goodwill. BUT, the ones (brand new) at the store only cost $2.49.  They wanted $2.99 for them at Goodwill!! These were only $1.99 each.  I still want the other ones. But I might get those at the pharmacy store.  They are just fun, and they make me happy.   Anyway, here is the Onion Soup recipe I was going to try, if anyone is wondering (and craving it)...  

This is the soup I ended up making, instead. I had all the ingredients for it. And I wanted something different. I have never made chowder soup.   Even though I am lactose intolerant, I still wanted to try it..  Chicken and Corn Chowder.  It was so yummy.   Especially with French Bread. :D

I saw a picture at the store yesterday that I wanted to get.  It wasn't really a picture. It's just words on a board. What is that? A Meme Plaque?  Anyway,  it said "The Time To Be Happy Is Now."  I just stood there for five minutes, looking at it.  Eon probably thought I lost my mind...   I didn't end up getting it (I got another picture, a scene in France, with the Eiffel Tower in the background-- it was half off- I will try to take a picture of that, too.) A lot of our pictures got broken glass moving from Nevada to Tennessee. When we were moving here; we just sold them -or gave them to the Goodwill.  So I don't have many pictures, and I wanted some..  Now I have one.  

I want to find an area to walk in...  I went for a walk one day. But it wasn't very nice. I had to walk on the side of the road- and off the road when cars came...   A lot of people walk here.  I want to find some trails or a park or somewhere nice I can walk. That won't be a big deal getting to...     I have started watching Tilly Trout's podcast(s).   And I love her already! The one I watched yesterday was episode 26.  I could watch this one over and over!  She was walking in a common area (love that story) - with wildflowers, and birds. It looks so peaceful!   I want to try making some sourdough bread now, too.  :)  I will have to go back and find episode one and start from there so I can watch them all.  Well I think that I've rambled on enough for one day. 

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