Monday, February 29, 2016

Phone Pictures and House Sitting

My husband showed me how to upload my pictures from my phone to the computer; and I have been meaning to try and catch up a little on this blog... So, here are some pictures from around here that I have taken since we've moved here.  Mount Hood.  

Fall colors..

A creek somewhere in the mountains..  

We were just out driving around I wasn't planning on a photo shoot. :P    Eon and I went bottle cap hunting after this picture. We were just walking around by the creek, and Eon said "A bottlecap."  We are strange, but...  My Aunt in Michigan makes things with bottle caps.  So I said "Let's see if there's more."  We found about ten good ones. Then my husband wanted to leave..

The bridge over the creek.

I kept trying to take Eons' picture but this is what he did every time.. Grrr. :P

A good one of the back of his head.   In the creek.

He finally let me take one, but still wouldn't look at the camera. 

My husband on the bridge..

We went to an Orchard/Petting Farm that day, too.  Eon loved the half-tailed kitty. It was friendly. We got some apples that day, and petted some goats. It was a good day.    

An Oregon sunset.  It was much better in Real Life..

Our older son house sat for my Brother and Sister-In-Law, last year.  This is their kitty, whose name is Kitty.  :P  It was a stray who adopted them.  :)

Eon LOVES this cat. Every time we go over, he would try and pet it then try to chase it to pick it up. Then he would just finally pick it up and hold it on his lap and pet it..  And keep it prisoner.  :P   The cat purrs the whole time, and gets away when it wants to. (It still has all it's claws..)  

Eli hard at work house sitting.  :P  That's their dog, Sweetie. It's an old dog and my brother in law put her on a diet.  She has bad hips and other problems.  But she's a pretty good girl. 

A hot pad my Sister-In-Law has. She doesn't crochet, but her sister did (she just recently passed away, though).  I keep meaning to ask her where she got this, but I do mean to copy it.  It looks very similar to my rooster hot pad, I found at an antique store in Nevada..  Except striped. :)  I was thinking about making her one similar/matching, for a Christmas present..


paula said...

Here is a similar pattern to the coaster:

Your sons are getting more handsome with each passing year.

Tina said...

I have the rooster hotpad I bought at the antique store that I copied, years ago. I was going to use that. I have it all written down. Somewhere. Lolol on the "somewhere"... Thanks, Paula.