Thursday, March 13, 2014

"Tulips" and Fishing

I went for a big adventerous walk in the back yard today. (Well, maybe it was for Jetta. ;) I hooked up her harness and took her out the side door while Duke was out front on the chain.)  Here are the "Tulips" that are coming up. ;)  Lol  They're daffodils. Poor hubby doesn't know flowers..  They are so pretty.  They're coming up in a lot of spots.

Some blooms ready to open.

And here are some pictures I took when we went fishing last weekend. Just at the lake by our subdivision.  We didn't catch anything. But I know Eon liked it. Every time he would get a bite he would get excited (in a "I'm too cool" kind of way..).

This is where the boats can launch off from.

He caught on how to cast by himself real quick. He did really good.  I still have to put the worms on for him. Kind of funny, because I did that myself, when I was younger than him. ;) (And he's a boy..)   Steve went again the next day, and took Eon with him. They went to a new lake but didn't catch anything there, either. (I think it is still too early/cold.)  But they had fun! Eon came in when they got home and said "I got a bite but he took my worm."  ;P   I think it's great. Now if we can just get Eli to go! They need to start going outside and doing other things besides video games. It was too hot in NV/nothing to do there. But there are lots of outdoor things to do/places to go here. And they really need to go outside more.
Some ducks and a swan. They would just come up next to you. I almost was afraid they would attack us, a couple times..  Probably (well, I know for sure) because people feed them. I saw a bunch of crackers and Doritos on the ground next to the dock.   I made a video, too. But I still do not know how to get a video on here.


paula said...

I noticed little "daffodil sprouts" coming up through the round in our "cemetery" (the small patch of ground surrounded by our front walk, side walk and driveway.)

Since it has been covered by snow (and after yesterday is covered again, it let me know that spring IS just around the corner.

Mimi said...

You live near that lake? cool!
The daffodils are pretty. Happy springtime Tina!

Tina said...

Yes, this lake is at the entrance to our subdivision. Thanks, Mimi. :) I love Spring flowers. Even though we don't get much snow here, they are still nice.