Monday, March 03, 2014

New Project, and A Double Ear Infection :(

I *think* I started this Friday afternoon. I know it was this week. I knew Spring Break was coming, so... I thought "I should start something new/fun.."  Well after digging through all my patterns, I thought I would start an Easter Puff Pal. It's a pattern that a member of the Crafting For A Cause yahoo group (non-existent, any longer) had; and a few of us had gotten a copy. :D    I'd been wanting to make one, forever... So...   I finally started one. I think I am going to give this to a little boy I still sponsor on Pine Ridge.    With some other goodies, of course.   

The first day of Spring Break, Eon woke up saying his ear hurt really bad. :(  I knew he had had a cold for almost two weeks, so I instantly thought "Ear infection".  I asked him if he wanted to go to the doctor; and he said no at first (he will fight it to the end). But then he said yes. I asked him if he wanted some Tylenol (he will fight that to the end, too) and he said yes for that, too. I got in the shower to get ready, and when I came out he was snoring. So I waited until he woke up, then we went. He had a double ear infection. :(   I felt so bad. He had only that morning complained- at all. But it had to have been bothering him for a while, to get that bad. The doctor said his right ear was bulging and about to burst. :(  Then looked in his other ear and that was infected, too. She asked if she could have a Med Student look at his ears, because this was a "classic good case". (Why did that not make me feel good?..)  They gave him a shot to kick start him, and some antibiotics to take home.  Poor Guy. He fell asleep on the way to the doctor. Fell asleep in the waiting room. Fell asleep after they gave him a shot, on the table! Then we had to go out in the waiting room and wait for our prescription to be filled (they do it right there, which was nice so we didn't have to go to the pharmacy, too). Well he fell asleep out there and on the way home, and after we got home. Slept all day.  You know they're sick when they sleep like that.  :((    He is feeling a lot better today, though. I'm so glad. 


Mindy said...

Oh man!! Hope everyone is doing better with all that good rest.

Tina said...

Thank you, Mindy. With the help of all that rest, and antibiotics, he is feeling a lot better now.